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General Information:
  • Why are you applying?
Staff is typically offline at this time except for Dotshin and very rarely 1 or 2 others. I consistently play and understand the rules (whether it be from experience or observation). This would lead to having a staff that would be able to work the graveyard shift.
  • Do you have any previous experience administrating
  • How would you improve the community?
I would like to see some improvements in the rules, whether is be quality of life changes or drastic changes. Some examples of this can be found in my literally only other forum post. I've already tried to make some changes to the community with rule changes and hope that a staff promotion would give me greater leverage to do so.
  • Have you applied on any other community in the past month? If yes, please specify.
  • Why should we pick you?
I'm on when staff aren't typically on, I have a consistent play schedule, I'm unbiased and won't create server drama, I understand the rules and are willing to enforce them, people know me on the server.


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You have failed to meet one requirement. You don't have 500+ hours on TF2. You may re-apply once you'll fulfill it.
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