Important Jailbreak Rules


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What is Jailbreak?
Jailbreak is a custom TF2 gamemode where REDs are prisoners & BLUs are guards. Prisoners spawn with only their melees & may either follow orders to attempt to get last request or rebel to win the round for the prisoners! Guards spawn with ammo, one of which being chosen as Warden. Warden is responsible for giving orders to the prisoners. The guards must kill anyone who does not follow orders & work against the rebels.

Things defined here do not need to be explained in game.
  • AFK (away from keyboard) – Basic keyboard actions are prohibited.
    • These keyboard actions, however, are still considered AFK:
      • Voice/text chat.
      • Activating an AFK taunt.
        • Untaunting, however, is not afk.
      • Forceably "crouched" by the map.
        • Being "crouched" forceabley is not considered crouching, unless during a crouch specific order/day.
    • AFK implies AFM.
  • AFM (away from mouse) - Basic mouse or otherwise use is prohibited.
    • Healing is considered AFM.
      • Unhealing, however, is not.
  • AFK Taunt - taunts that do not have a definite end (e.g. High Five) &/or do not automatically move the player (e.g Mannrobics.)
    • Examples of un-AFK taunts are default taunts, conga, etc.
  • LR - Last request.
  • DR - Death request.
  • FF - Friendly fire.
  • CC - Collisions.
  • KoS - Kill on sight.
  • Ghosting - Giving information about actions/locations of players while you are dead.
  • Bomb rush-travel without delays or detours & staying on designated areas upon arrival, until further orders.
  • Freekill - Killing RED(s) without valid reasoning.
  • Freehit - Hitting RED(s) without valid reasoning.
  • Freeday - When orders cannot be given. Prisoners are free to do as they please.
    • However, KoS-able actions are still KoS.
  • Baiting - when a BLU gets in melee range of a RED, generally. See Baiting section for more detail/info.
  • Active minigame - Any minigame that must be activated by button&/or are exited via teleportation outside of the minigame.
All commands can be used with / instead of ! in order to hide them.
General JB:
  • !r - Used to ask for a repeat of the most recent order.
  • !w - Makes you warden if there is no current warden.
  • !cw - Shows the current warden.
Warden Commands:
  • !givelr - Opens a menu to give last request to a RED.
  • !wmenu - Opens the warden menu.
  • !wmute - Opens the mute menu.
  • !wslay - Opens the slay menu.
  • !wff - Toggles friendly fire.
  • !wcc - Toggles player collisions.
  • !open - Opens cells.
  • !close - Closes cells.
  • !cells - Toggles opening & closing cells.
  • !uw - Removes you as the warden.
Days/orders explained here do not have to be explained in-game. These are not the only days/orders available, but rather some of the more common ones. Days as "Jump Day", or other reasonable self explanatory days do not have to be explained so long as the days effects are entirely in the name. Days that do not fall into the self explanatory catergory or are listed here must be explained.
  • Out of/Inside Cell Rebel Day - REDs may not be outside of cells/REDs may not be inside cells. (Does not apply to RED mini-games.)
  • Lava Day - REDs may not be on the floor of the map & must be on something higher. By default, beds & windows count as structures above the floor. Warden may allow other structures, pending no rule violations.
    • Taunts like the Zoomin' Broom do not count for Lava Day.
  • Altitude/Elevation Day - REDs may not change their z-axis (e.g. jump, crouch, move up or down, etc.)
  • Warden Presses Buttons Only Day -REDs & BLUs may not push buttons.
    • If a BLU pushes a button, warden may slay them.
  • Games/days must be explained fully every time they are played unless they are in the list below.
  • Custom days may not infringe any of the REDs protections under the rules.
  • Ghosting is not allowed unless in instances of massive delaying.
  • All games listed must be completed.
  • Special marked days include:
    • * (LR only.)
    • ^ (Last Guard does not apply.)
    • ~ (No Warden.)
REDs are free to do what they like unless they attack BLUs/enter Armory or subsequent areas.
  • May not be initiated outside of warden being killed or LR.
  • BLUs are unable to bait outside of class specific baiting.
  • First round on a new map is Freeday automatically.
The REDs must navigate through traps that the BLUs activate.
  • Deathrun may not be reset.
  • Guards may only hit buttons if they intend to kill. Pressing buttons without intention to kill is considered favoritism.
    • It is also favoritism to allow them to pass without activating any traps or activating traps without intent to kill them.
      • This applies to the last RED as well.
Jeopardy or Weakest Link, depending on the map you are playing on.
  • Questions must be within reason. No uncommon terms, etc.
  • Jeopardy/trivia should be done with any of the following:
    • Simple math
    • Valve Games. (TF2, LFD, etc.)
    • Minecraft.
    • Jailbreak ( related.
  • Other question types are allowed if:
    • All participants agree to the topic.
    • Questions do not break server rules.
    • Are not subject to opinion.
FR-LR (First Reaction, Last Reaction.)
  • If warden says "First Reaction:" followed by a command, the first player to do the action dies.
  • If warden says "Last Reaction:" followed by a command, the last player to do the action dies.
Simon Says
  • Warden must say either "Simon says we're now playing Simon Says, Simon says I'm Simon," or "Simon says I'm Simon, Simon says we're now playing Simon Says" to begin the game.
  • Similarly, The only way to end Simon Says is by saying “Simon says we are no longer playing Simon Says, Simon says I am no longer Simon.” Ending the game wrong means the game is still active.
  • Warden/Simon may not rename Simon.
REDs must jump over a spinning bar to survive.
  • Warden may not force all REDs to stand on one podium & enable collisions.
  • Warden may not force all REDs to stand on the middle.
  • Middle of sweeper is considered a podium, but warden may exclude it.
*Hunger Games
Hunger Games is a game where REDs are set free & FF is enabled.
  • Hunger Games can only be played as an LR.
  • Hunger Games is not affected by the rule to wait 3 rounds to enable FF
  • The warden may allow/disallow camping & teaming, unless the LR has already defined such & such are allowed/disallowed.
  • REDs must be constantly fighting.
  • BLUs are unable to bait outside of class specific baiting. They may spectate the REDs.
A mini-game where all the BLUs are sent to hide in a certain area. REDs are then allowed to enter the armory to get ammo & kill BLUs.
  • FF may not be enabled during this game-mode.
  • May only be done every 3 rounds.
  • Designated area may not have line of sight to the cells or armory.
  • BLUs may not leave the area until they are the last guard or 4 minutes have passed, whichever comes first.
  • BLUs may “bait” on this day (rev weapons, sticky trap, etc.)
  • No LR can be given.
*^Pokémon Day
Pokémon Day is a day where REDs & BLU melee fight each other in a systematic 1v1 duel to either team's death. Trainers on both teams pick fighters.
  • Warden is automatically BLU team's trainer & must ask a question relating to TF2/math to pick who gets to be the trainer for RED, unless someone has picked themselves as the trainer for LR.
    • Trainers may not pick themselves as a Pokémon until they are the last team member (excluding Freedays).
    • Trainers are the only ones who choose Pokémon.
  • Double battles max are allowed.
  • Only melee weapons & their effects are allowed. (Sandman balls, for example, are allowed by default unless specified otherwise.)
  • Wardens may not give orders/days outside of Pokémon Day.
    • The exception is restricting movement/position of non-combatants & restricting where combatants fight.
  • Pokémon Day may only be done once every three rounds.
*Hide & Seek
BLUs stay in the armory for a minimum of 90 seconds, during which REDs hide. After 90 seconds, BLUs hunt & kill the REDs.
  • Must be started at the beginning of the round.
  • All BLUs are required to stay in the armory for a minimum of 90 seconds.
  • If a RED is seen, they must be killed (unless they are the last RED.)
  • LR is given to the last RED.
  • If 2 or more REDs are hiding in the same spot & are the last REDs, they are both KoS, even if they are the last two.
Meatgrinder/Cell Wars
The warden enables FF while the REDs are in an enclosed, small area, and the REDs must kill their teammates.
  • An enclosed area is defined as an area that the REDs can either leave only through a small entrance (such as the entrance to the cave on minecraft) &/or with the use of an item, such as a jetpack.
  • All participating REDs must be in a SINGLE enclosed area.
    • However, the cells are an exception, as REDs can be spread out if this minigame is started before the cell doors have initially opened.
  • If an enclosed area stops being an enclosed area, the minigame ends and FF must be disabled.
  • Any area, such as main cell area, larger than most minigames is not considered small nor an enclosed area.
These days/games break a rule/are game breaking &, as such, should not be used.
  • Opposite Day. (Warden stating all of his orders are to be followed to the opposite extent.)
  • Shoot or Don't Shoot. (This is asking REDs to choose between a BLU shooting or not shooting another RED.)
  • Peace Day. (Turning on FF & telling REDs not to kill each other.)
  • Trust Fund. (If one RED rebels, other REDs are KoS as a result.)
  • Purposely allowing REDs into KoS areas, such as Armory.
  • Restricting squares in Crush/Crash Game in any way.
  • Any form of racing (unless built into the map.) This includes orders such as:
    • "First RED to the end of obby receives LR."
    • "Jump first to get LR."
  • Any days that require constant mouse movement (e.g. 360 Day, etc.)
    • Any days/orders that requires REDs to be a certain class.
  • Orders/days that force taunts. (RPS for LR is the sole exception.)
  • Orders with multiple negatives.
  • Orders that Force the death of a player, such as:
    • Going into active mini-games.
    • Running into death pits.
  • Impossible orders.
  • Orders that rename other orders.
Doing any of the following will result in a RED being KoS, provided BLUs witnessing it.
  • Entering armory/secret ammo spots.
  • Breaking breakables directly leading to armory/ammo.
  • Standing in the armory doorway & keeping it open or blocking the entrance.
  • Blocking doorways from closing.
  • Map exploiting to prevent death.
  • Assisting rebels as Medic.
  • Leaving cells via any method at the beginning of the round before there is any order to go somewhere other than your cell (the exception to this is if it is a Freeday).
  • Cheating in Minigames.
    • Cheating is defined as not taking/doing the intended course, such as going around obby rather than through.​
    • Jetpacking, triple jump, etc is by default allowed unless warden specifies.​
  • Forcebaiting.
General Jailbreak Rules
  • Excluding staff, nobody may speak over the warden.
  • Nobody may impersonate the warden.
  • Do not delay/stall the round. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Locking someone in cells.
    • Not actively rebelling.
  • Ghosting (deads giving any info/influencing the game in any way) is forbidden.
    • The only exception is when a RED(s) or BLU(s) is (are) excessively delaying the end of the round & no staff are on.
  • Commands must be given a reasonable amount of time to be complied with.
  • The same day/round may not be run more three times in a row.
  • Friendly fire, such as Cell Wars, is permitted but can only be used every three rounds.
    • FF may only be enabled as part of a minigame/order or LR defined in the rules.
  • It is a Freeday if:
    • No valid orders or days are given before the cell doors open.
    • Warden locks, preventing BLUs from becoming warden.
    • Warden Death.
      • Upon Warden's death, all orders/days are still in effect, unless the Warden locks.
      • Warden taking their place has previous orders apply.
        • Any RED KoS as a direct result of an order, & not of any auto-KoS actions, are auto pardoned upon Warden's death & should not be killed.
  • No hiding/staying in areas where you cannot be found or accessed, such as secret rooms that only work with specific items, works once or team-restricted areas.
  • No camping teleportation entrances/exits.
  • Camping Armory/Medic is not allowed.
    • However, if you are actively fighting, you may stay there for an extended period.
  • No detouring & delaying is not implied unless specified.
    • Detouring & delaying must be reasonable. You may not go anywhere you like.
  • Only staff may do Mic Checks.
    • Do not talk over staff when they are performing a mic check, as well as when they're explaining/clarifying a rule.
  • If something is unclear, staff have the final say. If you notice an inconsistency or loophole within the rules, report it to a staff member.
  • Rebels may be pardoned (save for being favoritism/last RED).
    • They're auto pardoned if their rebel status went away & no one saw them.
      • Warden killers cannot be pardoned.
  • REDs may hit/kill baiters, but not chase them.
    • REDs are only allowed un-AFM to attack baiters when an AFK order is in place.
  • You must use the '!r' command to ask for a repeat.
    • You must be AFK to ask for a repeat & remain AFK for that repeat.
    • You are always allowed to ask for a repeat, even if it means postponing a current order (e.g. typing !r whilst crouch walking).
    • You must ask for a repeat within 10 seconds of the end of an order.
    • You must wait for an order to be done to ask for a repeat.
  • Orders to go INTO somewhere mean you must be inside the perimeter of the designated area.
    • Orders to go TO somewhere mean that you can be inside the perimeter &/or the immediate area by the entrance.
    • Orders to go behind an area means you must be immediately behind said area.
  • REDs cannot be given DR, LR, or pardoned when they are the last rebelling RED.
  • BLUs may not freehit/freekill or teamhit/teamkill.
    • Throwing projectiles, airblasting, or any other form of "non-damage" is considered freehit. (Including freedays.)
    • BLUs winning RPS is not freekill.
      • However, BLUs who intentionally interrupt RPS taunts not meant for them is considered freekill.
    • Similarly, REDs winning RPS is not rebelling.
    • Rapid Rockets Day, HHH Day and DR are exempt from this rule.
  • BLUs must listen to the warden at all times. The may not do the following without permission:
    • Roam & /or play mini-games (unless in search for rebellers.)
    • Interfere with active mini-games.
    • Turn on/off gravity on SpaceJail.
    • Give orders to REDs.
  • BLUs must have a tolerable/satisfactory microphone.
    • They must must be willing to go warden.
    • The exception being if BLU team needs filling & there are no one with one willing to do so.
  • BLUs may not interfere with the round. This includes:
    • Breaking breakables/complete RED secrets (unless in response to rebels).
    • Kill binding on purpose.
    • Blocking armory door.
    • Opening the cell doors before the round has started.
    • Assisting/Favortising rebellers.
  • Demos may not sticky trap. (You may sticky jump & use in response to being attacked or rebelling.)
    • The Sticky Jumper is exempt.
  • BLUs may not remove debuffs/buffs caused by LR, nor force REDs to do the same.
    • Warden, however, may restrict the use of items in an LR (grappling hooks, mediguns, etc.)
  • Last Guard Rule - Last guard must either kill the remaining REDs or continue the round (go warden).
    • No LR may be given if the guard chooses to kill.
    • Last Guard does not mean only BLU. At least one BLU must have died after a round start for this to apply.
    • You cannot un-warden to become Last Guard.
  • Commands only apply if said through voice-chat.
  • Warden may not lie if the lie would directly result in RED deaths.
    • Warden stating that today is Thursday while being Friday does not constitute a punishment.
  • Warden must give one repeat per order unless a RED doesn't request it.
    • Warden does not have to say if days are active outside of repeats.
  • Last warden’s order overrides all previous orders if the order contradicts them.
    • However, warden must still use class restrictions to limit REDs weapon usage.
      • To define class restrictions, Warden must say “class restrictions now apply.”
        • Each class restriction must be defined (they are not automatically.)
    • Orders do not override days.
      • Days take priority over orders in case of conflict.
    • Passive orders, or orders that imply the continuity of them even after other orders are given are not allowed. Giving a passive order automatically makes it into a regular order.
      • For example, “keep jumping until I tell you to stop” becomes “keep jumping until I give another order.”
  • Warden may not rename REDs/BLUs to words similar in pronunciation (e.g. "breads," "beds," "ribs," etc.) or to each other.
    • Similarly, the warden may not use these words as part of a trick order.
  • Only built in map features/plugins may be used as part of any order/game. Sprays, etc. may not be used.
  • Warden may not forbid communication outside of the warden menu. REDs must be allowed a method of communication.
    • You may not tell them to crouch the whole day, therefore, meaning they can't chat, then mute them.
    • During activities that require significant use of your keyboards (crouch day, jump day, etc.), REDs must be allowed the use of their mics.
  • Warden hogging is forbidden.
    • You can only be warden 3 times in a row (unless no one else is willing or you're randomly picked.)
      • You cannot !uw if random picked until after the 3rd time.
  • Guard Slay is an ability given to Wardens to slay rule-breakers. Slaying BLUs who are not rule-breaking is strictly prohibited. BLUs may not be slain for offenses done in previous rounds with the exception of repeated mass freekillers.
    • Staff may allow/disallow vote-slaying when they are online at their discretion.
LRs must be complied with, barring any exceptions listed below.
  • REDs inside an active minigame or participating in voting/judging minigames/days must finish to get LR. It should be given as soon as they finish, provided they haven't rebelled.
  • Orders, days, & class restrictions do not apply to the RED once they receive LR.
  • If the LR menu closes, the warden is required to give it one more time, with times after that being at the warden’s discretion.
  • DR is optional & may be given at the warden’s discretion.
    • DR may last up to 45 seconds after LR is completed. Afterwards, the RED is KOS.
  • LRs cannot be anyone of the following:
    • Custom LRs cannot break server rules (MFK Day, etc.)
    • Custom LRs cannot be LRs already in the LR Menu (Hide & Seek, etc.)
    • If the custom last request requires the warden to say a word/sentence after every order, etc, the warden can decide if they want to perform the custom last request.
  • Last request does not transfer over maps.
Baiting is when a BLU gets into melee range of a RED. Warden cannot bait REDs.
  1. BLUs (excluding Warden) are baiting REDs if they:
    • Get into RED's melee range. (REDs can not chase/force it.)
      • This includes going to the edges of RED areas (if REDs are free to go there).
    • Constantly rev miniguns & sniper scoping in the direction of non-rebels.
    • Are in the way of REDs traveling somewhere per warden's orders (without detour/delay).
    • Are in a RED area with REDs inside that area as well.
      • RED areas include:
        • Cells.
        • Areas necessary to play minigames (not BLU-side.)
        • Knife Pit.
        • Any other area of the map clearly defined as "RED."
      • Areas connected to RED areas (e.g. stairs, cave) are considered a part of that RED area.
  2. Projectiles/Taunt-kills may be used to attack baiters (even for class-specific baiting outside of melee range).
    • However, warden may restrict using them to attack baiters.
  3. Last Guard is not restricted by any baiting rules.
  4. BLUs cannot bait freedays.
  5. Warden cannot bait under any circumstances.
Favoritism is doing anything that neglects some REDs in favor of others.
  1. Favoritism is forbidden.
  2. Common examples include:
    • Allowing a RED to rebel because they are your friend/you like them.
    • Killing a RED & not another for doing the same thing.
    • Pardoning one RED but not another for doing the same thing. (In this case kill them all or pardon all.)
    • For team-based games, Warden choosing uneven teams &/or not at random.
  3. Mini-game specific examples include:
    • Two or more BLUs must be alive to vote in minigames that require it (Diner, Glod, etc.)
      • Ties can be decided by the Warden.
      • Otherwise, the minigame may not be done.
Freedays are given to REDs via last request & are noted by red particles around them.
  1. Freeday Players are not eligible for last request under any circumstance.
  2. Along with the KoS list, Freeday players will be considered KoS if they do any of the following listed;
    • Press any mini-game buttons if they are active.
    • Interfere with a mini-game being played.
      • This includes keeping doors open.
    • Destroy/Sap buildings.
    • Is the last RED alive.
      • If the last RED alive is a Freeday, or there is one RED left on a Freeday-for-all, that RED is KoS & must be actively rebelling.
  3. Be it a singular Freeday or a Freeday-for-all, you may not body-block an entrance/exit for a long period of time.
    • If they do, they may be asked to move, & then killed if they do not comply.
These are a set of precedents which must be followed when interpreting rules.
  1. To be considered "in" a warden marker, you must be within/close to (in the case of CC) the surrounding circle, or within the y-axis length of the pole.
  2. Being in physical doorways/entryways to areas is considered being within them. This applies to:
    • Standing in the cell door/any other exits of the cell.
    • Standing on the armory door, in secret entrances with ammo access, or being in any alternative entry/secret entrance.
  3. For our purposes, going from the water to a raised area (such as a sweeper podium) is considered "jumping."
  4. If REDs are pardoned right as a BLU kills a RED for the reason they are being pardoned, nothing happens. The BLU is not slain, and the other REDS are still pardoned.
  5. Stairs count as lines, but the platforms leading to them do not.
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Major Changes:

March 29, 2021
  • Added a definition of AFK Taunts
  • Added that the warden must stay with non-rebelling REDs unless the warden is hunting/chasing rebellers
  • Added the gas passer as freehitting
  • Under Prisoners/REDs, clarified when REDs can hit baiters
  • Under Cell Wars, added that REDs may walk out of cells when they're opened, if another order is not given, to go and fight other REDs
  • Added that the warden may rename REDs under certain conditions, but may not rename BLUs
  • Under War Day, added "Anywhere in main cell area is not an acceptable place for War Day"
  • Clarified that untaunting is not AFK
  • Under cheating, added triple jumping is not automatically cheating but the warden may specify otherwise
  • Under Clarifications, added that "giving an order to a BLU(s) does not override an order given to REDs"
  • Added that giving a passive order results in it being a normal order, meaning it will be overridden by the next order
  • Under Warden, added a stronger definition of when to repeat your order
  • Added a stronger definition of freedays interfering with minigames
  • Under Warden, specified that "class restrictions are not automatically defined"
  • Added that renaming REDs does not count as an order. Just like ending a day, renaming REDs does not override orders
May 6, 2021
  • Added a definition of an active minigame.
  • Added "You may not order REDs into an active minigame" under Warden
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Changelog (11/8/2021):
These are some of the major changes. Some things also may have been missed. I will edit it later if there is.
  • Completely reorganized rules.
  • Fixed grammar errors.
  • Changed Active minigame definition.
  • Separated warden commands and regular commands in Jailbreak commands.
  • Changed, if warden dies, Any RED KoS as a direct result of an order, & not of any auto-KoS actions, are auto pardoned upon Warden's death & should not be killed. (Even if there is a new warden afterwards.)
  • Clarified that, if you are actively fighting, you may stay in armory/medic for an extended period.
  • Clarified red areas and how BLUs are baiting.
  • Allowed renaming of BLUs.
  • Disallowed Simon being able to rename themselves.
  • Combined Meatgrinder and Cell Wars into one definition.
    • Allowed meatgrinder to be done in areas not complete enclosed.
  • REDs may now push buttons unless specified otherwise.
  • Unhealing is no longer afm, therefore unafk by default.
  • Spraying sprays/Noisemakers are not AFK.
  • You may now be BLU without a mic if the team needs filling & there are no one with one willing to do so. (You must leave if someone with a mic switches, however.)
  • No camping teleportation entrances/exits.
  • Only built in map features may be used as part of any order/game. Sprays, lasers, etc may not be used.
  • Defined self explanatory days.
  • DR definition.
  • Many common/self explanatory days.

Special Thanks to @Samswize for helping organize many rules and to everyone who helped make these the best they can be.
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