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  1. Mask

    Monkeys or capybaras.

    BTW if you vote capybara your dead to me
  2. Mask

    Declined Masks Discord Moderator application

    Maybe if you read the application better you would notice that there are no grammatical errors. Second of all, i have sent over 25,500 messages to the discord so it's a rather low percentage. Thank you for voting
  3. Mask

    Declined Masks Discord Moderator application

    Discord Tag: Mask#8887 Age:14 Time zone: GMT I can be online on weekdays 3pm-9pm and weekends 10am-10pm Why are you applying?: I am applying because I see there is a big shortage of staff dedicated to moderating the discord server. I have been considering becoming staff for a long time and I...
  4. Mask

    Idle server bug

    On idle server it won't let you go spectator despite the option being avaliable
  5. Mask

    Invalid Why is wonder dead

  6. Mask

    Accepted Mask appeal #2

    tag: Mask#8887 what was your type of punishment?: muted who has punished you?: 8 why were you punished: 'transphobia in the events server. why should we revoke your punishment?: Hello, I believe i should be unmuted because i sincerely apologise for my actions and i wish i had never committed...
  7. Mask

    Declined Mask appeal

    Discord Tag: Mask#8887 What was your type of punishment?: Perma mute Who has punished you? 8 Why were you punished? Because i made an idiotic joke Why should we revoke your punishment? At the time it thought it was funny but its not. I regret doing it.
  8. Mask

    Free Mask

    Free Mask
  9. Mask

    Hunger Games Lanko D hunger games.

  10. Mask

    Rock paper sizzor

    Play rock paper sizzors in comments. Winner is cool
  11. Mask


    U T
  12. Mask

    Club Clod!

    I hate tf2
  13. Mask

    Fortnite balls

    Little Moesy is whi-
  14. Mask

    Accepted Discord ban appeal

    Discord tag: Mask#8887 What was your punishment? : perma ban from discord Who has punished you: don't know Why were you punished? Apparently posting a video that crashes discord. Why should we revoke your punishment?: when i posted the video i didnt know it crashed discord and i was...
  15. Mask

    Invalid Discord ban for posting a 'crashing video'?

    When i posted the video it was just a black screen. But apparently it was a crasher. So I'm banned forever for not knowing what a video does. Wow
  16. Mask

    Invalid Why are we still here?

    Just to suffer