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  1. Eight

    Important Server Rules

    Our Server Rules Do not be toxic. This includes hate speech of any format (e.g. racism, sexism). You may not use discriminatory slurs or variations of them. Do not spam chat- or mic-spam. Do not use exploits This includes using third-party software (cheating) and abusing map, plug-in, and...
  2. Eight

    Important Staff List

    Staff List ★★★Owner★★★ Interlude Discord: Interlude#4181 Steam: STEAM_0:0:242091800 Forums: @Interlude ★★Community Managers★★ Contact for literally everything (may not be available 24/7). Eight Discord: 8.#8080 Steam: STEAM_0:1:53762280 Forums: @Eight Stao Discord: Stao#0666 Steam...