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  1. Dotshin

    Bracket Deathmatch Chapter 1: The attack of the fire nation!

    SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Dotshin

    Accepted Cløudу's First Application

    hey mr.cloudy after playing with you and getting to know you a bit more it looks like you really want to help out this community and i know you mean well, overall your ingame activity is pretty good and your discord activity is steadily improving, with all that said im gonna go ahead and +1 good...
  3. Dotshin

    Accepted Caval's Third application

    +1 agreeing with emma (my beloved🥺)
  4. Dotshin

    Accepted Long Wang Reapplication For Staff

    +1 we need funny staff and also i think you’d be able to actually help during the downtimes of the rest of the staff team lol, don’t abuse again (do it)
  5. Dotshin

    Invalid perm ban appeal

    hey man, sorry but you gotta follow the appeal format, you can reappeal once you’ve done that. Invalid.
  6. Dotshin

    Accepted Appeal Request

    hey epic gaming professional, im gonna go ahead and accept this appeal as you were never given a warning, and i don’t really see this as a bannable offense. you should be unbanned soon. Accepted.
  7. Dotshin

    Accepted Snoops Staff App

    hey snoops, as hollow (bad fnaf help wanted player) said, you’ve been nothing but fun on the server, you have good rule knowledge and you always try to help people who don’t know the rules or who just need help on some things. nothing really negative and for that im gonna +1. good luck snoops
  8. Dotshin

    Declined Twice Da Ice's First, hopefully successful staff application

    hey ice x2, im gonna go ahead and agree with hollow knight and suske here, you tend to be a bit immature and i’ve also seen a bit of VIP abuse in the past, and most of the activity i’ve seen from you in game has mostly just been you going AFK for a couple hours, not much other than that, your...
  9. Dotshin

    Accepted Emma's third application

    Hey ms.emma, im voting +1 gonna agree with hollow knight moment and bracklblerry, you were good staff for the time you were on the staff team, good luck 👍
  10. Dotshin

    Snoops introduction

    i hate you
  11. Dotshin

    Accepted Team Ban

    hey bumble, gonna accept this appeal because you were guardbanned indefinitely, probably for nomic and you only have about 5 hours on our servers in total and you don’t seem to have been doing anything wrong referring to our rules. Appeal Accepted.
  12. Dotshin

    Declined ScarletPoison's Staff App.

    hey ms.poison, lengthy application, your activity recently has been decent and your behavior ingame is alright (when i’ve been ingame) but your rule knowledge is a bit iffy (again, when im ingame with you) and you are a bit unruly and there is a bit of unnecessary stuff added into the...
  13. Dotshin

    Declined Aliens application

    hey :alien:, small application (might be shorter than mine 👀), but your activity in game is decent, pretty well known in the community, and just overall really good rule knowledge, for that, you get a big green +1 Good Luck Mr.:alien:
  14. Dotshin

    Accepted Hollow's Third Application

    hey hollow, nice application, I can tell a lot of time was put into it, talking to you in and out of game really seems like you care a lot about this community and looks like you want to help improve it, your activity is pretty good and your overall reputation with the community is pretty good...
  15. Dotshin

    Accepted Jajakid's Seventh Application

    +1, agreeing with trey (y)
  16. Dotshin

    i hate all staff members

    i should be staff because i am better than all the staff (except luke, he's my sensitive little femboy)
  17. Dotshin

    New kid at my school is mightymouse???

    -1 too much trolling
  18. Dotshin

    Accepted Dotshin's Application

    Username: dogshin (at the time of making this) Discord: Dotshin#1111 Age: 15...