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Jan 17, 2020
Italy, Milan
Hello everyone!

As has undergone many changes lately, we've decided to revamp the whole VIP system as well. Here's a list of all changes coming to VIP:

More benefits đź‘‘:
  • VIPs will receive their own section on the forums for threads and such, along with first dibs on giving input towards the servers. The following VIP servers perks are:
    • Resizing yourself;
    • Custom tag, name, and chat colors;
    • Color yourself;
    • Play noisemakers;
    • Give yourself a Golden Frying Pan;
    • Give yourself any killstreak effect;
VIP cost đź’¸:
  • VIP per month will be reduced from 3 keys for per month to 2 keys per month;
  • We will also be adding a permanent option to buy VIP. Permanent VIP will be 15 keys;
  • To purchase, please DM Stao;
VIP+ overhaul ♾️:
  • VIP+ will no longer be purchasable;
  • VIP+ now will be applied for, much like staff;
  • VIP+ will include all previous benefits, plus autobalance immunity and voting commands: !voteslay, !voteban, and !votekick;
  • You must meet certain requirements:
    • You must be either level 5 on discord or active on the forums (10+ posts);
    • You must have a clean recent punishment history. Bans, comms, Discord, forums, etc;
    • You must have a valid forum and Discord account, and be somewhat active on either;
    • You must be a member of our Steam group;
  • To apply for VIP+, please message Eight, Stao, or any of the Head Admins.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to DM Stao or any Head Admin.
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