Pending Twice's application number two: Inline with my name this time!

Mar 21, 2021
General Information:
  • Username: Twice Da Ice
  • Discord including tag: (Twice Da Ice#6969)
  • Age: 14
  • gameME:
    gameME Stats - Player Information
  • SteamID: STEAM_0:0:171154844
  • Time Zone & Online Times: AKDT, as of recent, however, my days have been slightly restricted as my working days are now potentially Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Otherwise, my potential online times range from 10 AM or earlier AKDT to 10:30 PM AKDT.
  • Why are you applying? I find that wonder has a lot of incidents where the staff team doesn't have the time to get on, where when a staff member does get on the damage is already done. I almost continually have TF2 open, making it easy for me to quickly get on the server to assist.
  • Do you have any previous experience administrating? Yes. I resigned a few months ago, however, which is the reason for me being a part of no boards in the group.
  • If so, please provide some proof.1631585353812.png
  • In this case, I was previously a staff member on the server for a mod named Security Craft (a Minecraft mod)
  • How would you improve the community? I could make plugins for the server, look for ways to fix exploits, come up with event ideas, and teach people how to play.
    What have you done already? I have submitted a map to the server, reported many rulebreaking players, engaged in conversations, and taught some people about trick orders ingame. To add, I frequently report rulebreakers, exploiters, and other various issues between the TF2 servers, and the discord server itself.
  • Have you applied to any other community in the past month? If yes, please specify. No, unless you include my previous application here.
  • Why should we pick you? I believe I stand out against other applicants because of my unique time zone, experience, skill, and more.
  • Lastly, there are some things I would like to mention. Recently, my activity in-game has not been that great. With school starting, I haven't had enough time to play. I will try to dedicate more time in the future, but as of most recently, my activity may not look that great. In addition, I hope I have improved to an acceptable standard for how I act in the server and otherwise, as that was a key portion in why I was declined last time.
  • Thank you for reading.
Please, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!


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Sep 13, 2020
Hey buddy, I see that you have reflected upon what was brought up in your last app, and that's great; however, I think you asking people to go vote on your app is a bad move. I tried to tell you this on the discord, but you just blew it off, so I'm going to write it here that way you would view it.


With that all being said, I wish you luck, sincerely Caval.


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Jul 6, 2020
Hi Twice da frozen water !
From looking at your application, this one is way better than the last one. Some answers are almost the same as your last application and some are somehow repetitive. However, I know you haven't been active because of your busy life but the last time I played with you was when you were still applying for the first time. Maybe other staff have seen you but personally I haven't. I also have to agree with Caval here (even though they aren't staff), since our team is really small at the moment and most of us are busy with our lives we can't just instantly reply to your application. It's alright for me but for some staff can be really annoying.

You haven't gotten any warns or punishments on the TF2 servers which is really great! You also seem to have refrained from swearing which is something I'm liking alot from you. Even though swearing doesn't sound that big of a deal, I don't really want a staff colleague to be swearing all the time (*cough cough* me and Dotshin) which can give a bad image of the team.

Alright, I know you have been a good boy and trying your best to become staff here but I still dont think you are ready. Do NOT take it personally, I don't think you are bad or anything. It's just something that has been bugging me for a while that doesn't allow me to vote positively for you.

You also are still a bit too young to be staff. I know that the age requirement is 14 (if mature) but I still think that's a little bit too soon for the team.

Anyways, I'll be voting
Neutral for you. I am actually really neutral on this one but I'll see what my other colleagues write about you. Maybe it will change my mind or maybe it won't but we'll see, alright?

Good luck and have a wonderful day!


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Nov 25, 2020
Hello Mr x2 Ice!

I think it's great seeing your dedication to being on the staff team. You took our criticism like a champ. Emma has put most of it better than I can. You're a great dude, but you're just simply not ready. You recently have renamed yourself as "interlude (real)" for multiple days. I get that it's a joke but you cannot have your name intentionally to be imitating a staff member, especially the owner. And please don't private message individual staff members to vote on your application, we all have our own lives, we don't need pressure to vote on your application. We'll get there as soon as we can. Maybe give it some time.



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Mar 11, 2021
Hi, Twice Da Ice.

I can see that you clearly took in consideration the flaws that the staff team had presented to you in the last application which sincerely makes very pleased to hear that you were able to change. When comparing both application, this one has clearly more effort, despite still being a considerable small application.

Your activity, atleast on TF2, has been slowing down, something that may be a downside as less activity may lead less probability of breaking rules. Nevertheless, said reducion of activeness is understandable due to school starting around this time of the year. What really matters is that your infractions history is clean at the moment. Regarding your behaviour, one of the crutial flaws that lead to the failure of the previous application, you have significantly improved it, even if for the sake of the application. While it may make you look bad what Hollow stated about renaming youself to "interlude (real)", I sincerely will not take it in mind as it's really just an joke in it's essence, a childish play that had no intend to produce any harm or misbelieve as, if we even truly counted it as impersonating a Staff, it wasn't even a proper ID theft.

With that said, I'm going to trust you that you will keep this posture and behavior and give you a +1 for now. Do not disappoint me. ;)

Good luck with the rest of the application. (y)
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Jul 12, 2020
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Hello Twice da Ice, I'm glad to see that you have cleaned up your act a bit. While you know the rules well and have only some infractions, you still asked staff to vote on your app and I'n my opinion is a bad move. While you might be anxious to see the result staff will vote when they can. Also you being on exactly the line for getting staff for age is something that worries me a bit. If you can prove that you are mature enough I will consider supporting you.

My Vote: Neutral.