Important Server Rules

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Jan 17, 2020
Our Server Rules
  • No racism/sexism etc.
  • Do not spam the chat or micspam
  • Do not be toxic
  • Speak and type in English only
  • If a spray is NSFW, it MUST be censored
  • This includes seizure inducing, flashing, offensive, or sexual images/GIFs
(sprays that contain racism, homophobia, pedophilia or other content that is against real life laws will result in a permanent ban)
  • Do not advertise
  • Do not impersonate staff members
  • This also includes claiming to be a staff member
  • Do not use a voice changer
  • No cheating (aimbot, spinbot, wallhacks, etc)
  • Do not call out undercover staff members
  • Do not abuse glitches or exploits
  • This includes abusing plugin, map, and/or game glitches (such as hiding your hitbox by T-Posing or using the ConTracker, etc.)
  • Do not false report
  • This also includes abusing the !calladmin command
  • Do not troll
(provoking people to get a reaction out of them resulting in an argument or a negative experience)
  • Do not threaten to DDoS or harm anyone or the server, even as a joke. Doing so results in a permanent ban
  • Do not abuse a loophole in the rules, report it to staff so we can fix it

Useful Commands
  • !calladmin - Opens the calladmin menu
  • !comms - Allows to see your active communication blocks
  • !forums - Opens an MOTD to our forums
  • !gameme - Opens the gameME menu
  • !group - Opens an MOTD to our Steam group
  • !help - Opens the help menu
  • !ks - Toggles a killstreak
  • !servers / !hop - Opens the server list
  • !shop / !store - Opens the credit shop
  • !taunt - Opens the taunt menu
  • !vip - Opens the VIP menu
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