Pilot's proper application

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Nov 18, 2020
These requirements are to be fulfilled before applying. Not doing so will result in an instant decline of the application.

  • You must be 16 or older years of age. (Exception: 15 years of age if mature.) [Yes, 19.]

  • You may not have any bans on the community that are month or longer. [Yes, no bans.]

  • You must have a working, understandable microphone. [Yes]

  • You must be on our Discord server. [Yes]

  • Your Steam account must be Premium. [Yes]

  • Your Steam profile and game stats must be public. [Yes]

  • You must have the required hours on the game you are applying for: Currently 5565 hours when applying

  • You must have a clear Steam Rep. [Yes]

  • You must be active with over 48 hours on our servers and Discord. [Yes]

General Information:
  • Why are you applying?
    - I've previously been in an administrative role on Fyre-G Jailbreak a few years ago and I would like to keep the server up and running to its best capabilities. I applied previous years ago on Fyre-g because I liked the idea of getting rid of freekillers and people on blue without a mic, and it is the same now as for I have come back to TF2 and more importantly, Jailbreak.

  • Do you have any previous experience administrating?
    - Yes I have had preivous admin experience for 6-7 months worth of time on Fyre-G Jailbreak (which sadly does not exist anymore). I was known as Aussie back when I was admin.

  • If you have previous experience can we confirm it and where would we do so?
    - This is a link to the steam group in which you can ask the owner (adma) or the head admin (Paddy) of the existence of Aussie for proof of the matter.(https://steamcommunity.com/groups/FYRE-G)

  • Why should we choose you over all other applicants?
    - You should choose me because of previous experience, my love for TF2 and Jailbreak and I am on at times where other admins or staff members may not be due to my timezone, which I believe is an advantage. I spend numerous hours on end on the server and would just love to be part of an environment where an active member can be available at times when others are not.

  • What personality traits do you posses?
    - I love joking around and having fun, I try my best to make everyone comfortable around me and I am always inclusive of people on the server that I play with.

  • If you want, please elaborate your chosen traits.
    - Previously on Fyre-G, I was told by a lot of the community that I should actually apply because my commitement to the game, the server and I was always fun to have around.

  • How would you improve the community?
    - I feel like I would improve the community as to previous experience of using commands, I'm practically always available at the moment because University is over for me now until February and my timezone benefits other staff members when they are not online.

  • How have you helped the community up until now?
    - I feel like I've helped the community up until now by adding my previous experience and knowledge with Jailbreak into the game and have definitely help out blue side with wardening when no one is willing to.

  • Can you work under somebody who is younger than you?
    - Yes I can if it is essential to the job.

  • Have you applied on any other community in the past month? If yes, please specify.
    - No I have not applied to any other community within the last month as all I do on TF2 is jump on Tempus servers and Wonder.tf Jailbreak

  • Something I'd personally like to add/clarify:
    - With the previous applications I misunderstood the 48 hours played as needing to be in the discord server for 48 hours. This is because I was using an outdated edge and images did not load so I fully apologise for that. I'd like to think I've become very active within the discord server and play the jailbreak regulary for hours on end. I've made many friends and have been recognised ingame by people from the discord which is a nice feeling. I'll always be more than happy to help whenever possible!

    - I know the previous applications stated by Jackal was that I could reapply in 2 weeks but I decided to wait a bit longer and show my commitment and activness to the server. Thank you possibly considering and running the server!


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Sep 2, 2020
Hi pilot, your discord activity, as well as server activity, could be worked on as well as your rule knowledge, I've played with you and have heard you complain quite a bit about some things also you can be a bit rude to new players and to people within the community.


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May 9, 2020

I can see you're improving your activity in game and in discord, but I don't have much experience with you in game, so I'll be taking Illegal's word on your behavior in game


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Nov 18, 2020
Alright thanks, I'll work on these things. I do believe when I was complaining when you were on though Illegal was when someone was impersonating me. I was just scared they'd mass freekill but I'll try my best :)


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Sep 23, 2020
Hello pilot

I haven't really seen anything negative when I played with you, but I can't ignore what other staff are saying.

As mentioned you are improving your activity which shows you actually care and are up for the role.

wishing you the best of luck!

My vote: Neutral


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Apr 1, 2020
Hey Pilot.

Staff have good points about your application and in-game things, and I would vote -1 if it weren't for the dedication I think you have. It's something about the wording you put in the application and the attitude you have in-game, but what really hit it off for me was the voice recording. Your most likely going to get declined on this app, but I believe if you wait a little bit with good activity, you'll have a great chance on getting staff if you re-apply in a months time. Best of luck.



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Jan 17, 2020
Italy, Milan

Same as the other staff members and I'll take Illegal's word on everything he said.
I don't really know when the bot will be fixed so I'm just going to ignore your guardbans and consider the other fundamental things.

Plus, your activity is going down. I suggest to work on that too.
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