Important How to record a demo

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Jan 28, 2020
Hey there, I've been noticing a lot of players don't know how to make a demo in case they needed to report a player. So I decided to make this thread detailing how to do so. If you have any problems please let me know and ill try to help you.

Step 1: Enable the developer console
Before you can make a demo, you need to have the developer console enabled. To do this, launch tf2 and go into options. From there, go to keyboard -> advanced like this:
devolper enabled.png

After you enable it, quit tf2. Then, open your steam library -> right click on tf2 -> click on properties -> click on the general tab -> click on "set launch options" -> write "-console" I left some pictures in the spoilers below:
console 1.PNGconsole 2.PNG

Now, you should be able to use console by default with your ` key.

Step 2: Recording a demo
Now that you have the console enabled, here's how you make an actual demo. Whenever you are ingame and want to start recording a demo, open your console. This should be by default your ` key. with the console opened, type "record (demo name)" the (demo name) can be whatever you want to title it. Here is an example:
demo example.png

Step 3: Stopping the demo and finding it
After you are satisfied with what evidence you recorded, you can now stop recording the demo. To do this, open the console and type "stopdemo" all one word like shown:
demo example 2.png

After this, to find the demo you just recorded open your file explorer -> This PC -> (C:) aka hard drive -> Program files (x86) -> Steam -> Steamapps -> Common -> Team Fortress 2 -> tf. from here scroll down and you should be able to find the demo you just recorded by whatever name you gave the demo. It should also be labled as a DEM file. Heres an example:

And there you have it. Now you know to record a demo and catch those silly free killers and rulebreakers. If you have any feedback please let me know.
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