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nicolas grug

Aug 18, 2020

Username: Grug / Dr Vex

Discord; Dr Vex#8026

Age: 16 (6/7/2005)

Game ME:


Time zone & Online Times Mountain Standard Time/ AZ time
I'm online usually from 4 pm to 9 pm during Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur. On Fridays Saturday and Sunday I’m online most of the time and should be frequently as long as I don’t have marching band events going on.


Why are you applying?
I've been playing these servers for my entire summer during quarantine and have really enjoyed it. I met most of my friends on these servers. I really enjoyed being a part of the community and what I want to do is spread the positive in the community. I want to help staff on the workload to make everyone's lives easier. I want to help anyone and everyone. I see everyone as equals or even better than me and now that I'm old enough I want to be a mod. Hopefully, I can deal with problems before they arise and become bigger problems. The main reason is I want to give back to the community since it has provided me with entertainment over the quarantine.

How would you improve the community?
I would improve the community by doing a little trolling

Have you applied to any other communities?

Why should we accept you?
I'm not schizophrenic like Planeboy and I really want to improve this community by messing around and having fun, and I can beat anybody in a 1v1 with demoknight
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