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hey warden can i get a repeat
Staff member
Oct 14, 2020

: dogshin (at the time of making this)

Discord: Dotshin#1111

Age: 15



Time Zone & Online Times: Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Online from: 1 PM - 11 PM Mon-Fri

Online from: 10 AM - 12 AM Sat-Sun

Why are you applying?
  • I’m applying so I can help out with handling reports, answering questions, and just overall making the community better. I'm also applying to help out with the influx of players coming in due to the summertime, and having more reports or problems to deal with.
Do you have any previous experience administrating?

  • No, I do not.

How would you improve the community?

  • I’d try to improve the community by trying to suggest a few improvements to the discord or some changes/clarifications in the rules (if need be), and try to make it more welcoming altogether.
What have you done already?
  • I’ve given a few suggestions in the suggestions channel in the discord, as well as boosting the server for a few months and trying to answer questions that some of the server members have, be it in-game, in the discord, or just something about the rules, and give some feedback to some ideas people come up with. I usually try to start conversations with people and try to make the community.

Have you applied to any other community in the past month?

  • No, I have not applied to any other community, since this is the only TF2 community server I play regularly.

Why should we pick you?

  • I’m fairly well known in the community, whether it be under different names, or as Dotshin, I have been playing the servers for about a year, so I know the community and players pretty well, I have pretty good activity on the discord, I know a majority of the staff team and the regulars on Wonder. I have a really good knowledge of the rules, as I usually read the rules every few days or weeks, just to give myself a refresher. I also just want to see this community improve and become a better and more fun place overall. I feel like I’d have a unique outlook on some situations, trying to have different points of view on that subject.


Lynical is a bit sus.
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Jul 12, 2020
Corpus Christi, Texas
Hey Dotshin, Your app could be a bit longer but it seems thats all you needed to say everything that you wanted. My only main concern is that you seem a bit toxic at times and that you infractions make it look like you don't wanna listen to staff. (Also the being dumb warn was false)
But as I have done with the more recent app's I've been more lenient and I feel like you can change and that you could make a great staff member.
My Vote: +1
Don't make me regret this.

Long Wang

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Mar 28, 2021
im going to be siding on Luke for this application you seem like a good candidate
dont do stupid shit like me thanks
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Jan 17, 2020
Italy, Milan

I also agree with Luke, plus your punishments logs are clean starting from 1 month ago.

-Good luck
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