Accepted Discord Warn Appeal

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Apr 1, 2020
What was your type of punishment?:

Discord Warn.

What is your gameME?

Who has punished you?

QuirkyJackal ( ... in discord).

Why were you punished?

I was punished for supposedly chatting in the reports channel.

Why should we revoke your punishment?

I feel like I was falsely warned for chatting in reports. I was reporting someone and when I realized I was in the wrong a staff member who is a friend of mine joked around with me and said "Imagine not knowing that 😠" I joked back with him and replied "Don't chat here". He then said the same thing I said so I lastly replied with a link to main chat, another way of saying "Don't chat in reports". I was then immediately warned. (by the way, I never saw nor think that Darius sent the warning signs as a reaction before I was warned.) Other players, including staff have sent more and said more than I said in reports before, and when I sent 2 messages joking along with another staff member I get in trouble. The most recent report before mine a staff member sent 4 messages before clearing out the report, with sending two unneeded messages that was him just joking around. For just sending 2 unneeded messages compared to hundreds of other things people have said that was unneeded or irrelevant, I truly feel like I was falsely warned. I wouldn't be making such a big fuss about this but I want to keep a clean slate for my next application and this will most likely cause an issue. I would greatly appreciate it if I could be unwarned, and I know for the future to not make jokes like that in reports again.


Staff member
Feb 19, 2021
Since Darius was chatting in reports a bit too, I can see how you may have thought the messages you sent were fine. Therefore, I've deleted the infraction.

Appeal accepted.
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