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  1. Goldyboy

    Meet the Samswize

    Wdym "welcome here, enjoy your stay" you sound like you've been here even tho your a new member
  2. Goldyboy


    Wonderland staff you say :>
  3. Goldyboy


    hi I'm Goldyboi and I'm taking a long break
  4. Goldyboy

    Make new vip tiers! 😈 😈 😈 😈

  5. Goldyboy

    pan's Introduction

    Why.. Why pls stop the waoh
  6. Goldyboy

    Accepted Appeal for Permanent Gagged

    What was your type of punishment?: Permanent gagged What is your game? Who has punished you? Luke* Why were you punished? saying the N-word/previous punishment Why should we revoke your punishment? I have copied the guy text who is saying the N-word...
  7. Goldyboy

    make a command to check guard ban status

    Or just go to discord copy your steam account url then type in /bans steam accout url must be in bot channel
  8. Goldyboy

    Declined Appeal for teamban

    What was your type of punishment?: teamban What is your gameME? Who has punished you? its either Darius or Planeboy , they were currently online when its the time I got team ban Why were you punished? it says in discord that I mass freekill and...
  9. Goldyboy

    Invalid appeal for inaudible mic

    type of punishment: team ban who has punished you: i did not saw the admin or mod name but I know its a mod punish me why were I punished: inaudible mic why should we revoke my punishment: I can fix my mic or try to boost my ping in game cause everytime I have 200+ ping my mic us inaudible...
  10. Goldyboy

    Invalid appeal for guardban perma

    will I be unban and the only mod that is online in game is Agroteddybear so I expect that he ban be but I guesy you correct me.Will I be unban or something
  11. Goldyboy

    Invalid appeal for guardban perma

    type of punishment: Guardban who punished you: Agroteddybear why were you punished: I team killed accidently why should we revoke your punishment: i admit i team killed but it was an accident and the guy that i team kill forgive me steam id: profiles/76561198155025885