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  1. BlackBerry

    Accepted Snoops Staff App

    +1 for me. Chat logs' clean. No major infractions. Decent knowledge in the rules. Good Luck <3
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    Declined Ban Appeal

    First of all, I banned you. I have already gave you an official "first" warning (so much so as you like to say I never warned you) yesterday, in front of a full server. You've been late spawning for a while now, and I can guarantee you I've not only slayed you, but also told you not to do so...
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    Accepted Emma's third application

    Well Emma, nice seeing you willing to give it another shot. Let's start with the app, bit short but straight to the point and concise. In game activity is great. Only missed 6 days since April. Chat logs clear. No binds and slurs. Good Job, I'll be voting +1. Good Luck <3
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    Still Living

    Still Living
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    Declined aliens second app

    -1 for me. First of all, the app, if you can even call this one, is poorly done. This looks really rushed, and compared to your previous one done on Jul/17, has absolutely, and I mean literately, no changes at all. You basically just copy and pasted your rushed app and reused it. Disregarding...
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    Accepted KingSasuke's First Application

    +1 For me. Positive experience with you overall. No serious punishments. Good feedback from other staff as well. Good Luck <3
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    Declined Discord Staff Application Template

    -1 Same as other staff, app is way too short. Good Luck <3
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    Declined agro's application.mp2

    My vote will be -1 I don't think you are ready to come back to the team yet. Maybe in a few months, depending on your actions, my vote may change. Good Luck <3
  9. BlackBerry

    Accepted Trey's, (Thermia's) Second Staff Application: Electric Boogaloo

    Welcome back dude, nice seeing you coming back. Your previous experiences will prove useful right now. I haven't seen you much in game though (not to my memories). My vote will be +1 Good Luck <3
  10. BlackBerry

    Accepted Wang Staff aplication

    To start, the app's looks and layout has it's flaws, but over all ok. In game activity and experience are all positive. My vote will be +1 Good Luck <3
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    Accepted Pan's In-Game Staff Application.

    Oh well, thought somebody was good with just being DC staff lel. Jokes aside, your activity is really good. A bit more practice will be needed, but over all, impeccable performance. My vote will be +1 Good Luck <3
  12. BlackBerry

    Accepted Samswize's 2nd Staff Application

    Well, first of all, good job on the app. Well structured and detailed. Activity is pretty good, and ingame experience with you is mostly positive. Comparing it to your previous app, this is a massive improvement. My vote will be a +1 Good Luck <3
  13. BlackBerry

    Declined Staff

    At first glance, your app is obviously extremely short. Lacking in effort. Previous track record ain't that good either. My vote will be -1 Good Luck <3
  14. BlackBerry

    Declined Samswize's Staff Application

    The app is extremely short, and it does feel rushed. Past experienced with you wasn't that bad, but nothing stands out either. -1 for me. Good Luck <3
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    Accepted Clodoku's Staff Application

    Well, although I don't recall playing with you recently. I think the overwhelming positivity from the other staff is enough to give you a +1. Good Luck <3
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    Accepted KunnyestFid's Application (2021 Edition)

    +1 Nice Voice. Good Past Performances. Good Luck <3
  17. BlackBerry

    Accepted Luke's Staff Application

    +1 Me have nothing more to add. Good Job <3
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    Accepted JafarAckbar's First Staff Application

    For me, I'll stay Neutral for now. I know people make mistakes, and I believe it's just an impulsive act of you that resulted in a mute. But in-game wise, I haven't played (atleast I don't recall) with you. I'll be looking forward to see you in-game and I'll decide on my vote then. Good Luck <3
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    Declined Jajakid's Sixth Application

    Well dude, I really don't wanna do this but, you are just asking for it at this point. As I stated last time, if you could deal with the situation like an adult and stop using words that seem or are even directly insulting, you wouldn't have gotten to this point. If you think this is a war, sure...
  20. BlackBerry

    Declined Jajakid's Sixth Application

    So Jaja, I've got some more stuff to add and say about your reply. I'll try to make it short this time, and mind you, these are criticisms, so it's gonna sting a bit. In this situation, I was NEVER warden. I was a prisoner on the space jailbreak make with incredibly low pop, and I was doing...