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  1. Hollowkun

    Pending Twice's application number two: Inline with my name this time!

    Hello Mr x2 Ice! I think it's great seeing your dedication to being on the staff team. You took our criticism like a champ. Emma has put most of it better than I can. You're a great dude, but you're just simply not ready. You recently have renamed yourself as "interlude (real)" for multiple...
  2. Hollowkun

    Declined Ender's Mod Staff app

    Hello ItzEnderArkail! I’m going to keep this short and to the point since the others explained it beautifully. Your application is very short, you could use more knowledge on the rules, and due to your behavior in our server, I don’t think I could see a spot for you in our staff. Yes, you are...
  3. Hollowkun

    Accepted Snoops Staff App

    Mr. Snoop! I'm glad to see you apply! You have been nothing but a total bundle of fun on the server, and been really kind to other people. Your rule knowledge has been great, and you even outsmarted me on a rule that I misread. The only thing I could possibly think that you'd need to improve on...
  4. Hollowkun

    Declined Twice Da Ice's First, hopefully successful staff application

    Hello Twice the Ice! You have been a very active person on the server, and it's great to hear that you are creating a map for jailbreak. However Twice, I have caught you abuse your VIP privileges multiple times, and so have other staff. Where you'd be small in minigames and chasing rebellers...
  5. Hollowkun

    Accepted Emma's third application

    Hello Emma! It's great to see you come back and try giving it another shot! People have spoke nothing but highly of you, and through knowing you as staff and ever since you've resigned, I can see why. You've been super kind towards me and you have only encouraged me to become better...
  6. Hollowkun

    Declined aliens second app

    Through interactions I've had with you, and knowing you throughout my entire experience here, your dedication to this community is immense. Your reports, activity, etc. That all backs it up. Seeing others online alongside with you genially having a good time, makes me smile. You are heavily...
  7. Hollowkun

    Accepted Hollow's Third Application

    Here's some of my Information Steam Username: Hollowkun My account: Date of Birth: April 2002, 19 years old SteamID: STEAM_0:1:62479648 Discord: Hollowkun#2833 GameMe: My Voice...
  8. Hollowkun

    Declined Hollowkun's Second Application!

    This application is pretty much going to be the same one I made back in November but with a little bit of tweaking. Here are some of my Information! Steam Username: Hollowkun My account: Date of Birth: April 2002, 18 years old SteamID...
  9. Hollowkun

    Invalid Hollowkun's Application!

    Here are some of my Information Steam Username: Hollowkun My account: Date of Birth: April 2002, 18 years old SteamID: STEAM_0:1:62479648 GameMe: My Voice: