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  1. Caval

    Pending Caval's Third application

    Username: Caval Steam - Discord - ThyWhomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed #0632 GameME - Age - 25 Timezone - Mountain Time Zone Why are you applying? I'm applying for Wonder again because I've been involved with this...
  2. Caval

    Pending Twice's application number two: Inline with my name this time!

    Hey buddy, I see that you have reflected upon what was brought up in your last app, and that's great; however, I think you asking people to go vote on your app is a bad move. I tried to tell you this on the discord, but you just blew it off, so I'm going to write it here that way you would view...
  3. Caval

    My homies are like laxative

    They help me when shit gets tough
  4. Caval

    Declined ScarletPoison's Staff App.

    Ight I know I've gotten in trouble with talking to others apps, however I feel like scarlet would be a good mod. I think that judging her for what happened on wln isn't right. Second, although her response to the negatives hasn't been great, and it could be improved, I don't think that it's a...
  5. Caval

    Declined The unjust Perma mute of Caval And AgroTeddyBear.

    Forgot to mention Stao muted me
  6. Caval

    Declined The unjust Perma mute of Caval And AgroTeddyBear. agroteddybear#3121 ThyWhomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed#0632 We were acting in solidarity for Planeboy. He was removed from the staff team and because of that me and agro we were protesting the staff team and...
  7. Caval

    New kid at my school is mightymouse???

    General Info: Username: Bandyy (Forums,) trey (Steam,) trjjndvrdtx (Discord) Discord: trjjndvrdtx#6969 Age: Eighteen, by the time of typing this. (Which helps with things such as "NSFW Reports.") GameME: SteamID: STEAM_0:0:116677071 Steam Profile...
  8. Caval

    Declined Caval's Second Staff Application

    Thank you jackal for giving me a chance
  9. Caval

    Declined Caval's Second Staff Application

    Thank you M1ghty I took your advice to heart.
  10. Caval

    Declined Caval's Second Staff Application

    Thank you, Luke* I appreciate the vote of confidence.
  11. Caval

    Declined Caval's Second Staff Application

    Thank you for your vote, I also have had great relations with you and I hope that even if I don't get staff that they will continue.
  12. Caval

    Declined Caval's Second Staff Application

    *My Discord: ThyWhomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed#0632 *My Current age: At the time of writing this, I am twenty-five years of age. * My GameME:gameME Stats - Player Information ( * My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:97449812 * Along with my Steam profile: * My...
  13. Caval

    Hunger Games Hunger Games VII: normal edition very normal

    This is getting lame
  14. Caval

    guys look

  15. Caval

    Hunger Games Hunger Games The Prequel: The Tale of the Unforetold

    -1 you trolled to much
  16. Caval

    twohot girls kissing how do i delete text from forum sites google

    Annoying orange was the first v-tuber
  17. Caval

    wow I haven't made on of these yet

    Hey Jaja. You know I love you like a brother, so don't take this personally. But I'm going to be voting -1. Ahem. You have been banned, muted, gagged, all of the above for trolling. You are arguably the person who does the most trolling in (and that's saying something.) Countless...
  18. Caval

    Declined Caval's Application

    Thank you for replying Mr. mouse as it is ever so great to hear from you. I understand and respect your decision and I will try to work on it.
  19. Caval

    Who is best staff member?