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  1. _planeboy


  2. _planeboy

    Accepted My second application.

    agreeing with other staff +1
  3. _planeboy

    Accepted Discord Staff App, Kiddo.

    Agreeing with some of the other fellow staff are saying, but I will give you a plus one for you are pretty active in both discord and in game, u have good rule knowledge from the times I've played with you, so I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt for I believe you would be a good...
  4. _planeboy

    Accepted Dotshin's Application

    +1 agreeing with fellow staff members
  5. _planeboy

    Accepted Jajakid's Seventh Application

    agreeing with trey, +1
  6. _planeboy

    Declined Sodium's 2nd Application

    agreeing with lucas -1
  7. _planeboy

    Declined agro's application.mp2

    +1 you was the best staff around when u was around, i hope to have u back, but plz for focks sake dont admin abuse again plz :)
  8. _planeboy

    Declined Staff

    Agreeing with other staff -1
  9. _planeboy

    Accepted Samswize's 2nd Staff Application

    Agreeing with other staff +1
  10. _planeboy

    Accepted Pan's In-Game Staff Application.

    Agreeing with other staff +1
  11. _planeboy

    Accepted Wang Staff aplication

    Agreeing with staff +1
  12. _planeboy

    Declined Staff application kid.

    Finna play devils advocate here and do a +1 for you. I have played with u for a bit and u do seem eager to be staff and u do know your way around the rules, although i must say that recent freekill doesn't look good on your record, any who, yeah don't make me regret this :3
  13. _planeboy

    Accepted Luke's Staff Application

    Agreeing with the staff team +1
  14. _planeboy

    Accepted JafarAckbar's First Staff Application

    Agreeing with Patillian +1
  15. _planeboy

    Accepted Appealing for my Guard-Ban/Team Ban

    So Ima just give my side of the story, so basically u claim to have made an order that would’ve overridden the order that made everyone KOS but I didn’t hear you say said order and not only that but everyone else agreed with me, so yeh :)
  16. _planeboy

    Hola, saludos de Puerto Rico

    guten tag
  17. _planeboy

    Declined Jajakid's Sixth Application

    Ayy wussgood pimp, so ima make this reply short and simple because there's literally nothing new for me to say, everything that has been said has already been said, so heres my take. You were, to me, a good mod, you knew the rules and to me u was fair in enforcing the rules, and i would return...
  18. _planeboy

    thinking about cheese rn

    thinking about cheese rn
  19. _planeboy

    i wanna be the first man to get top in space and post it online no cap

    i wanna be the first man to get top in space and post it online no cap