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  1. Stao

    Important Jailbreak Rules

    Changelog (11/8/2021): These are some of the major changes. Some things also may have been missed. I will edit it later if there is. Completely reorganized rules. Fixed grammar errors. Changes: Changed Active minigame definition. Separated warden commands and regular commands in Jailbreak...
  2. Stao

    Declined aliens second app

    Application declined .
  3. Stao

    Accepted KingSasuke's First Application

    Application Accepted.
  4. Stao

    Declined Aliens application

    Declined due to active punishment.
  5. Stao

    Declined Discord Staff Application Template

    Application Declined.
  6. Stao

    Accepted Hollow's Third Application

    Application Accepted. Welcome to the team!
  7. Stao

    Declined ScarletPoison's Staff App.

    Application Declined.
  8. Stao

    Accepted Appeal on both Game server and discord server

    So long as Pat was fine with it, I see no issue unbanning for that. Although, your racism bans will stay in place ingame since that wasn't a misunderstanding. You should be unbanned in the discord shortly.
  9. Stao

    Accepted Dotshin's Application

  10. Stao

    Accepted Discord Staff App, Kiddo.

  11. Stao

    Accepted Appeal

    After talking to you privately about the situation, I'll go ahead and unban. Accepted.
  12. Stao

    Accepted KoolKota

    I'll go ahead and accept. Just know, this is the only chance I can grant. Otherwise, I would surmise that your chances of being able to appeal again will be poor.
  13. Stao

    Accepted New Discord role ideas?

    Done. It's @charitable.
  14. Stao

    Hunger Games Hunger Games VII: normal edition very normal

    If I win, I'll do these again weekly.
  15. Stao

    Accepted Darius' Application

  16. Stao

    Declined Part 2

  17. Stao

    Accepted Discord mute

    I will let you out once 1 day has passed (about 3 hours.)
  18. Stao

    Important Application Template

    Staff Application Template Update (17/3/2021) Fixed/reworded various sentences. Fixed grammar errors. Changed TF2 hours requirement from 750 to 500. Changed age requirement from 16 to 15 (14 if mature enough.) Removed voice recording question. Combined a few of the questions to be more...
  19. Stao

    Declined Hollowkun's Second Application!