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  1. Clodoku

    Club Clod!

  2. Clodoku

    Club Clod!

    Welcome to the forum version of club glod. Type a joke or upload a image/meme and let the community vote on it with a +1 or -1. Person with the most +1 gets a prize!
  3. Clodoku

    Declined Staff

    Hello Lanko! It seems like this app isn’t going so well, it seems like your responses aren’t serious. Due to your history and brief application I am going to be agreeing with other staff. I hope you can change and in the future maybe this will be a position you would like to fulfill. Thank you...
  4. Clodoku

    Accepted Samswize's 2nd Staff Application

    Finally! After reviewing your application I am firm on what my decision will be. I’ve played with you for a while and have been looking forward to you applying. You have a good grasp on the rules and I think you will make a wonderful staff member. Concluding, you are a great person to be around...
  5. Clodoku

    Accepted Pan's In-Game Staff Application.

    Good application, you’ve shown you can be mature in situations as a helper and I do think you can take on the maturity of being staff in game. You have a good sense of the rules and how the server flows. Best of luck to you. My Vote: +1
  6. Clodoku

    Accepted Wang Staff aplication

    I have not have any negative experiences with you and you seem to have a decently clear history. I’ve seen you are very active in the community and have the potential to use your knowledge to help others. My Vote: +1
  7. Clodoku

    Declined Caval's Second Staff Application

    I personally have really good experiences with you. You are all around a good person to be around, and I believe you will be fit to be staff (again) My Vote: +1
  8. Clodoku

    Accepted Trey's, (Thermia's) Second Staff Application: Electric Boogaloo

    We need more staff at the moment and it seems like you’ve got a good grasp on how things work. I’ve seen you in game from time to time and have no negative experiences. My Vote: +1
  9. Clodoku

    Declined Staff application kid.

    Hello Ray! Due to your brief application and recent history I am going to have to give you a -1. Good Luck!
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    Okay Google

  11. Clodoku

    guys look

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    Meet the Samswize

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    pan's Introduction

    +1 waoh
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    Welcome to the forums! :D
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    i just got trolled on wonder by the staff

    bomb rush to the yellow line
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    Invalid Can I get head

    -1 from me
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    you looking cute homie

    you looking cute homie