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  1. Darius

    Accepted Darius' Application

    General Information: Username: Darius Discord including tag: darius#4297 Age: 17 gameME: GameMe SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78200337 Time Zone & Online Times: Eastern Daylight Time (2pm-8pm) (If I have nothing to do that day 2pm to possibly 2am.) Questions: Why are you applying? I am applying for...
  2. Darius

    Accepted Discord Ban Appeal

    What was your type of punishment?: Discord Ban Who has punished you? (8) Why were you punished? For advertising my personal server (Darius.TF) Why should we revoke your punishment? This was my first time ever advertising or getting in trouble in the discord, it was accidental and I forgot...
  3. Darius

    Declined My Discord Ban

    I was talking about my discord ban, I never have spammed "the n word" in the discord server check logs and that was my first time ever advertising MY own server called Darius.TF which has nothing to do with Wonder.TF and was accidental, I completely forgot it was in the rules to not advertise.
  4. Darius

    Declined Banned

    I got banned on the discord for advertising my discord for the first time accidentally when my high ass forgot about the rules, I'd apreciate it if I could be unbanned due to the fact that I have no other infractions whatsoever in the discord server and that was the first time I made an oopsie. :)