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    Wonderland members. Welcome!
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    Hunger Games Return or Complete the Lyric?

    When are you going to host?
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    guys look

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    Closed Request for unban from discord.

    You were unbanned on the Discord within the same 10 minutes you were unbanned from the in-game servers. Here's the Discord invite if you need it again. > If you need any further support, you can contact me via Discord. > patillian#9777 Appeal Closed
  6. patillian

    Declined I want to be unbanned from wonder (discord also)

    Considering the look of your appeal, you haven't changed. You will not be unbanned. Appeal Declined
  7. patillian

    Accepted Discord ban appeal

    We have decided to unban you. If you do get banned again, it will be unappealable. Appeal Accepted
  8. patillian

    Closed Larry's First Discord Staff Application

    Hi Larry, You're application isn't that good, and you also have quite bad chat logs. These chat logs show your immaturity even though you claim to not be "unmature." My Vote: -1
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    larry (mr sexy)

    Yes. Welcome to forums!
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    Accepted Discord ban

    I've decided to unban you because you might've been unaware of that being able to crash Discord. I was unaware of it at the time as well. Appeal Accepted
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    pan's Introduction

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    Meet the Samswize

    I thought The Mask was a good movie. @Kunny
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    Accepted Can I get my guardban removed so I can play as Flying Guillotine Scout?

    It seems that you were most likely banned for having either no microphone or an inaudible one. When you're in-game, let me know and I will unguardban you. Appeal Accepted
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    Accepted pan's Discord Staff Application

    Hey Pan, You're well-known, you're very welcoming to all members of the community, you have a very clean record, and you have a great rule knowledge. I have no complaints to list for you. I'm looking forward to seeing you on the staff team, even if it's Discord-only. My Vote: +1
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    Ubercharge? Banned for using a trademarked word. Anyways, welcome to the Wonder forums! 😊
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    Accepted RE: patillian's response to my previous ban appeal

    I will reduce your permanent ban to 1 month because you do seem to be satire about it, but you still need to be prosecuted for it. Just so you're aware, next time you do anything related to pedophilia, it will be a permanent unappealable ban. Appeal Accepted
  17. patillian

    Declined Perma banned for "Pedophilia and trolling"???

    Considering the video proof of you acknowledging what you were doing was wrong, then further confirming that you are a pedophile contradicts what you said in your appeal. We don't take pedophilia, especially serious comments like those, lightly. Appeal Declined
  18. patillian

    Accepted KunnyestFid's Application (2021 Edition)

    Finalizing my vote at +1