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  1. QuirkyJackal

    guys look

    Imagine not using general discussions
  2. QuirkyJackal

    Accepted pan's Discord Staff Application

    +1 You are active, very well known in the community and have a clean punishment record. This is all I can say because the others have already stated all the positive things. -Good luck :coffee:
  3. QuirkyJackal

    Accepted KunnyestFid's Application (2021 Edition)

    +1 Same as the others.
  4. QuirkyJackal

    Declined Samswize's Staff Application

    -1 Same as the others
  5. QuirkyJackal

    Accepted Clodoku's Staff Application

    Accepted Welcome to the staff team!
  6. QuirkyJackal

    Accepted Clodoku's Staff Application

    +1 Clean record, clean logs and quite active on the servers. Only one thing: I saw you have some binds so disable them. -Good luck :coffee:
  7. QuirkyJackal

    Invalid Maurve's Second mod apply

    Invalid I don't know if you speak English or not, but you need more than 500 hours on TF2 to apply. Consider this a warn. If you post your application again it will be just deleted and you will be banned.
  8. QuirkyJackal


    Haha look at my name!!!
  9. QuirkyJackal

    i dont know what to do anymore

    Going out with friends
  10. QuirkyJackal


    Wait wot
  11. QuirkyJackal

    Resolved Obby bug

  12. QuirkyJackal

    Invalid Maurve's Mod apply

    Declined You have failed to meet 500+ hours on TF2. You will be free to re-apply only when you will reach that.
  13. QuirkyJackal

    Invalid Maurve's Mod apply

    Mind making your Steam profile fully public?
  14. QuirkyJackal

    Accepted JafarAckbar's First Staff Application

    Accepted Welcome to the staff team!
  15. QuirkyJackal

    Accepted JafarAckbar's First Staff Application

    Neutral to +1 Since everyone are voting +1 for your good behaviour, I decided to forget about all the doubts I had on you. No one else wants to vote here so I will accept this application and wish you will use your powers for a good purpose.
  16. QuirkyJackal

    Accepted Luke's Staff Application

    +1 Same as the other staff members.
  17. QuirkyJackal

    Ban Mass Trollers