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    Pending Jajakid's Ninth Application

    +1 (pretend thats green im still colour blind)
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    Declined MAN WITH PAN'S Mod Appeal

    Im voting -1 since I just muted for you mic spam in game. You are incredibly immature and show no real skills for being staff. I don't see you being fit for staff for a very long time if this is how you act in game when you think no staff are present.
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    Pending Jajakid's Ninth Application

    I don't much about you Jajakid but I've heard a lot of bad stuff about you and how you are immature. I have only played jailbreak one time with you and you seemed fine but I don't see you on Wonder servers that often so right now I am going to be neutral. Best of luck!
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    Accepted Long Wang Reapplication For Staff

    Yelled at me to join jb that one time +1 do not abuse again though <.<
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    Club Clod!

    I hate it here.
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    Declined Ender's Mod Staff app

    I'll be voting -1 due to the fact that you show little to no maturity at all. You also just got warned for N-word baiting a few minutes ago on the discord server. Your application is basically 100 words and has little effort with grammar mistakes. If you can get better behavior and not troll all...
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    Accepted Snoops Staff App

    General Information: Username: Snoop Discord including tag: (Snoop#2357) Age: 17 gameME: SteamID: STEAM_0:0:65299611 Time Zone: Eastern Daylight time. Online...
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    Snoops introduction

    This is it. Hi. You can leave now.
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    Invalid Why am I still here with this community?

    ayo staff bullying people? <.<
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    Declined Guardban appeal

    What was your type of punishment?: Guardban for MFK What is your gameME? Who has punished you? Samswize Why were you punished? Here is what went down: I did no jump day and told every red to bombrush to their own sweeper podium. The fun thing about...
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    Trey never wished me happy fathers day.

    omg trey is bullying me pls demote to manager
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    Trey never wished me happy fathers day.

    Buy me that pizza already smh im starving bro