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    I know right?

    I know right?
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    Resolved Porn spray in LA|JB

    Dealt with, thanks for reporting.
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    Make new vip tiers! 😈 😈 😈 😈

    Hell. No.
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    Hunger Games Hunger Games VII: normal edition very normal

    JafarAckbar would suffice, thanks.
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    Remember when you were staff?

    Remember when you were staff?
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    i just got trolled on wonder by the staff

    /smite @scoutyyy get rekt, child.
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    Okay Google

    Cock and ball torture please
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    Closed Larry's First Discord Staff Application

    Afternoon, Marcus Jones, I don't believe chat like this is suitable for a 14 year old, let alone for a staff member. Your application seems short and lacks motivation and inspiration to even become a member of our staff. Since you left our discord too, I'd imagine you thought twice about your...
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    Invalid Can I get head

    Sorry you have been very negligent with the rules. Your chat comms has been in poor taste and you obviously don't follow any rules when told or written. Your request for head has been declined.
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    Your ubercharge is at 90%
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    Meet the Samswize

    I thought Aladin 2: The Return Of Jafar was a good movie. It's a great movie.
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    pan's Introduction

    W A O H
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    Accepted pan's Discord Staff Application

    Agreeing with Patillian. You've been extraordinarily active, even when I took my break, you were still in the channel. Hopefully, this'll help you some how in the future. That said, you deserve this +1 Keep up the good work, Pan aka Edit. 🤘🤘...