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    Sometimes I dream about agro

    Sometimes I dream about agro
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    Declined Bounty

    Don't think this is a good suggestion, implies targeting and since we don't have many uses for credits it would be kind of useless.
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    Declined Hollowkun's Second Application!

    Inactive in discord, only seen you on the server maybe 4 times and it didn't seem like you were staff material. -1
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    Accepted PLaneboy's second app :)

    Neutral is useless, same as other staff. +1
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    Declined My application for admin :)

    Same as other staff, nothing to add. -1
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    Hunger Games Hunger Games II: Caval's Jungle Book

    I hate the UK.
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    Hunger Games Wonder Hunger Games

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    Declined My 2nd Application

    Alright, you’re a real chill guy and I don’t see any reasons why you couldn’t be staff, however if you could work on discord activity improvements during your application time I don’t see why you won’t be staff. +1 the discord activity isn’t a issue due to recent events but it would still be...
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    Declined My 2nd App By Bad Prodigy aka 1960's Ford Explorer

    Same as other staff -1
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    Declined My 2nd Application

    Please make your game hours public.
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    Accepted patillian's Application - Part Three

    Hello Mr. Patrick, from our past experience there have been problems but you were the one to tell me to apply. We don't wanna be personal here; you did a great job as staff previously and I'm not going to say who (Rotary) seemed to dislike that you were creating another community and "stealing...
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    Declined My Discord Ban

    Declined. No matter what you still cause problems on the server.
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    sorry rotary but that's tough.