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    Accepted Ban appeal

    I'm willing to give you a second chance. Appeal Accepted.
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    pan's Introduction

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    Declined Perm comms ban appeal?

    First of all, the way you treat other members of the community is extremely toxic. The fact that you reached as many comm blocks as you have without getting permanently punished already is very surprising. You've had many opportunities to correct yourself. Appeal again in one month. Appeal...
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    Declined Team Ban Appeal

    I recommend you play out the remaining time for your guard ban. 1 day is very easy to expire. Appeal Declined
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    Invalid Lynical

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    Closed Larry's First Discord Staff Application

    #1 on the toxic scale if you ask me. I couldn't be bothered to take more screenshots, cause honestly the list could go on and on. I think this is more than enough reasoning for me to vote the way I have. -1
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    Invalid Can I get head

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    Accepted pan's Discord Staff Application

    Hola Señor Sartén , nice to see you submitting an application. Your discord activity is phenomenal and you're mature, you also have no infractions whatsoever. I think you're very capable of becoming apart of our staff team. +1
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    Accepted KunnyestFid's Application (2021 Edition)

    Hola Señor Kunny, I'm pleased to see that you've applied! From what I've seen, you seem more than capable of becoming staff again. Despite your dissapearance , your activity is decent both in game and in discord, your chat logs are clean, you have no recent punishments, you're very recognized...
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    Declined Samswize's Staff Application

    Very short application with only minimal amounts of details given, I've seen you get rules very confused and accidentally freekill in the past. Just today I heard about you turning on illegal FF without even realizing for a bit while reds were dropping like flies. -1
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    Accepted Clodoku's Staff Application

    Hola Señor Clodoku, Glad you have submitted an application. I heard you've been involved with Wonder.TF for a while now, and judging by your sessions and playtime I can tell. Seeing that you've been hanging around the community for a bit without being gone for too long at a time, I can conclude...
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    Closed JosukeFan2k5's Application

    -1 Not enough time on the discord, also slight trolling.