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    Sometimes I dream about illegal

    Sometimes I dream about illegal
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    Declined Appeal for discord mute

    Forgot to mention Stao muted me
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    Declined Appeal for discord mute

    Hello, I am agroteddybear and I got muted for posting an nsfw image I have to appeal because this is the second time Ive been warned for NSFW imagery in the discord I think I should be unmuted because I do enjoy talking in and I like the community of the discord side of the server I...
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    Hunger Games Lanko D hunger games.

    lanko d
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    Declined agro's application.mp2

    Agro’s Application Username: agroteddybear Discord: agroteddybear#3121 Age: 18 gameME: SteamID: Timezone: PST (Pacific Standard Time) Online times: Very late into the night or mornings/early afternoon Why are...
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    m1ghtymouse more like c0olmouse
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    Hunger Games Hunger Games: Rebooted

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    Hunger Games Hunger Games The Finale (for now)

    let me in thanks
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    Hunger Games Hunger Games III: A Quirky Castle

    get me in there