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  1. Rotary

    Vlad's mod APP

    As Vlad mentioned above, app feels rushed and is very simple. A positive remark would be your activity though.
  2. Rotary

    Blackberry's Mod Application NO.2

    I'll be voting +1. Mature person, very active ingame but not so much on the discord. Been here for a long time as well.
  3. Rotary

    KunnyestFid's Application

    I'll be voting +1, well written app, very active and mature, returning player from the old Wonder.TF days I believe.
  4. Rotary

    Farewell neat_cook

  5. Rotary

    Catualus's Staff Application

    I'll be voting -1, I haven't seen enough of you in-game, and when I do see you in-game you don't do anything special really, as far as I know you don't tend to use your mic that much either. Pretty generic app, minor grammatical mistakes here and there.
  6. Rotary

    palutena goddess of light

    You apply and follow the format. Do not post here unless you are applying Application declined due to user not using the format.
  7. Rotary

    Racism Report

    User has been punished, PS Your discord ban has expired.
  8. Rotary

    Team Ban

    You were banned for 1 day spent alive, you've got 200 more minutes spent alive now. You'll have to sit it out. Appeal Declined.
  9. Rotary

    Guard Team Ban

    Well you'll be un-team banned if you get our attention on the server. Appeal Technically Accepted as long as you use your mic.
  10. Rotary

    Bambi The Fun Police Application

    Application DECLINED You can apply again in 2 weeks.
  11. Rotary

    ✪ Kuri Joestar's Application

    Application DECLINED You can apply again in 2 weeks.
  12. Rotary

    Guard Team Ban

    Well you need to mention you're guardbanned and then use it. We don't just magically remember "Oh this guy is guardbanned so I should ask him about his mic". You need to tell us.
  13. Rotary


    You can't really punish players for lying (Unless they're warden) or for bossing people around. You didn't even follow the format. Report Closed.
  14. Rotary

    A Quick Hello!

  15. Rotary

    Is there a way I can get unbanned from Blue

    You're banned for teamkilling, sit it out, it's 435 min.
  16. Rotary


  17. Rotary

    Sky Wolf Wonder.TF Moderator Application

    I'll be voting +1, I remember when you were first accepted on here and you were a good moderator, you were most likely "demoted" for inactivity, you did kind of die if I may say so myself, I am sad that you didn't mention my name anywhere even though I was staff when you were still a mod but...
  18. Rotary


    He's introducing himself.
  19. Rotary

    Bambi The Fun Police Application

    Thanks for asking for feedback, You could've for example formatted the application better and highlighted key points, other than that when you ask if I could explain how you haven't done anything special, when people apply for staff we are more interested about people who stand out, in of course...
  20. Rotary

    Bambi The Fun Police Application

    I'll be voting -1, I have never seen you on the servers but that's probably just because you're in the US, your playtime on the servers is low, you barely have any messages on the discord, application is "distasteful", haven't seen you do anything special.