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Oct 15, 2020
i have no bans

yes i have a mic

yes im on your discord

yes i have 45+hrs on your tf2 server

i dont have 750 hr 317.3hr im in collage dont juge me

yes i have a clear Steam Rep

and yes i have you discord i just got your discord server i did not know about it till now

my name in real life alberto ingame user name is stavrepro9

my discord is starvepro#6414

my age is 17

im gess you mean in game name my in game name is starvepro9

my steam id is starvepro9 and my code is

Central Time

im applying for staff just to try and help out the servers

i have had previous experience administrating on other game such as minecraft rust

to confirm previous experience contact gamekid#2889 he is the one i administrat under

i will never abuse my power given to me and i wont ever false ban any one

on any server i will report any cheaters for other servers not this one on this server i have reported freekillers and people lieing a warden and all that

depends if they are staff yes if they are not able to confirm who they are than no

no i have not i have never applyed for any other tf2 staff server this is my frist time applying for staff on tf2


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Jan 20, 2020
application has been DECLINED reasons being, you haven't been on our discord for 48 hours+ same with jailbreak, format is also wrong and you also dont have 750+hours tf2
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