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Feb 18, 2021
General Information:
  • Username: GamingAndreiM
  • Discord including tag: AndreiM#7386
  • Age: 18
  • gameME:
  • SteamID: STEAM_0:1:95213040
  • Voice Recording:
    (You can use this or any other voice recording site:
  • Timezone & Online Times: UTC +8 (Philippines) and my Online times is every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.. Tuesday & Thursday is my school day.. Without a school day most of the time I'd play Team fortress is 3-5 Hours per Day.. 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM ( Mornig Shift) and 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Night shift) so thats what I said I played tf2 for 3-5 hours a day.. Every schoolday most of the time i played is depends how i'm busy doing my School activities.
  • Why are you applying?
I am applying for staff team, First of all I'd like to help, participate and cooperate to our community, especially in servers management. sometimes I'd noticed to myself that every time I played or going inside server there was no admin active, and I experiencing a bunch of mass freekillers and doesn't have a mic on blue every morning in my country (UTC +8 Philippines) well actually I was reporting it by doing /calladmin or !calladmin but no ones are actually responding it immediately. I know that it will be difficult for other staff due to monitoring the other server or whole community. So I'm here to assist the staff team and punish the rule breakers inside server. actually I'm not just want to apply to punish. I'm also here to accept the players concerns / reports / feedbacks and so on regarding to our server management and policies.
  • Do you have any previous experience administrating?
Well I have a previous experience of being administrator but not in TF2. It is a game called FiveM or GTA Roleplay. It is also a community server
  • If you have previous experience can we confirm it and where would we do so?
In that game, I'd experience being an administrator by doing the own responsible duties.. For example, I played my role as a normal player while inside server in GTA roleplay but if I see an Rule breaker or I'll keep monitoring them before I punished, sometimes I'm giving an warning depends on situation.. For my own experience, being an admin is not easy. Sometimes we can't forgive the person's offense but we have an following rules and that rules must be followed. for me, I consider to my self as a challenge and In this case, Me as an applicant, I am ready to face my challenge and I believe this will be a great opportunity to myself.
  • Why should we choose you over all other applicants?
I believe to myself that I can help the community by helping players especially the staff team, If I had a chance to be a moderator, I can be more active to given duties and I swear that I will not waste the opportunity that given and the reason why you should choose me overall other applicants, First as a normal player I'm always reminding the blues that all blue must have their mic and participate a warden, so the game mode and server will me played much better. There is nothing wrong to try being warden. Another reason is what I said before, sometimes every morning here in Philippines UTC+8 when I was going inside the server of LA Jailbreak, there's a lot of blue free killing and doesn't have a mic. sometimes I asked to my self, "what if I applied an position of staff here?". I know to myself that there are lacks of active Admin responding to any players concern / report / feedbacks.. So I am here to help also the staff community in Wonder.TF
  • What personality traits do you posses?
  • If you want, please elaborate your chosen traits.
Respectful - I'm respecting both sides when it comes to problem and reasons of each other even the opinions of accused players as an admin role and especially must respect the server rules.

Patient - I'm patient when it comes to assisting, waiting and especially listening. We must need to be patient when it comes for being an admin and we must understood both sides.

Mature - I very sure that I am mature for the age of 18, actually I'm acting like a 20 when it comes to thinking.

Cooperative - When it comes for being cooperative, I can participate all duties that gave to me, because it is just not for myself but also for our community to improve.

Confidence - When it comes for having a Confidence, Me, as a working moderator I must have a confidence to speak and tell what is the right and I have a self confidence that I can make all duties I will have.
  • How would you improve the community?
I can improve the community by different ways as a moderator. First of all I can apply my student skill as an ABM strand or Business Course by encouraging people to buy VIP, being marketable is always important. I can also play the role as moderator by monitoring players, catching the rule breakers, accepting and listening to players concern, giving suggestions to our community and servers, reminding rules and all the best I can do as moderator.
  • How have you helped the community up until now?
From now as a normal player I always keep reminding and teaching players of jailbreak on how to play it much better. second, I'm planning my Community suggestions and server suggestions and will be ready to suggest to discord as soon as possible and I'm also bringing my friends to play my favorite Jailbreak server after that I will encourage them to buy VIP
  • Can you work under somebody who is younger than you?
Yes ofcourse, we are all equal no matter what age we are. I would like to work as long as we respecting each other.

  • Have you applied on any other community in the past month? If yes, please specify.
No, This is my first time I'd apply to this community and I hope that had a chance and considerate to help and participate as a staff team. Thanks for reading


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Jan 20, 2020
Application has been DECLINED as you do need 2 days playtime on the servers you only have 1, plus you joined the discord only today. Feel free to apply when you meet the correct requirements.
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