Declined Luna's Guardban Appeal

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Jun 18, 2020
Ulaanbator, Mongolia
What was your type of punishment?:

What is your gameME?

Who has punished you?
Go to: .
Anal Inspection???? idk

Why were you punished?
Lied? idk didn't tell excact reason

Why should we revoke your Punishment?:
I didn't even lie or even change orders It was Must say <BLANK> after every order or it is invalid. and I said bombrush to my warden markers. And then I said "Bombrush to my warden markers <Blank>" and they said I changed the order like bruh and I don't even know if i lied bruh


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Apr 1, 2020
there was an admin on named Anal inspector in game no cap quirky
First of all, no player nor staff have ever been named "Anal inspector"

Secondly, The reason for your teamban was mass freekill. You gave an order saying "bombrush to my warden marker", and then gave what you thought was a repeat. "bombrush to my warden markerS" You then placed a 2 markers, one all reds went to and the other later one half the reds went to. you then killed all reds in the second marker. Since it was an invalid repeat, and you are supposed to give atleast 1 repeat per order AND a repeat when your doing a trick order, it was mass freekill. If you didn't understand it here's a breakdown of what happened.

bombrush to my warden marker > red asks for a repeat < (repeat: bombrush to my warden markers ) > places a marker > all reds go to it. > places 2nd marker > half the reds go to it. Luna "kill anyone that was in the marker"

Here's a clip:

Appeal Declined.
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