Guardban Appeal

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Dec 1, 2020
What was your type of punishment?:

What is your gameME?

Who has punished you?

Why were you punished?
Afk on blue when a staff member logged on

Why should we revoke your punishment?

At the time, the server was full of people freekilling, and force-freedays. I had a Youtube notification pop-up, and because of my crummy laptop, I had to tab-out to close it, so I moved to a corner and became last guard in that time. Right before I came back, Jajakid saw me, and guardbanned me. I decided to wait it out but it didn't go away. I had asked some staff on the server one day when my ban would be lifted, and (99% sure) Agroteddybear was the one who responded with "3 hours." I hadn't known if he mean't by playing time, or by time in general, but it's been days since that happened and I'm starting to get a little frustrated.


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Apr 1, 2020
Sadly, we currently cannot check guardbans, so there's no way to see the reason of why I teambanned you. Last I recall, (which could be wrong), I teambanned you for leaving warden to go into the corner of the map to kill all reds for LGKA when there was 3 blues left alive. I'm also pretty sure it was only 60 - 90 minutes spent alive, so if this is the case and if I'm thinking of the right person you will just need to let it go down by being alive on red team.

I won't yet deny your appeal yet since there's no for-sure answer. Sorry.
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