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Aug 22, 2020
My gameMe

My type of punishment:

A perm mute/gag

Who gave me my perm mute/gag?


Why was I punished for mute/gag?

It was because of spam and all of my previous punishments that the staff decided to put the "hammer on the nail"

Why should the staff consider revoking my punishments?

I like being in this community knowing how even if I am mute/gagged, I still play jailbreak because I think it's fun. I know I've done a lot of questionable things and I took each punishment lightly as I know I can do this again and I failed to realize that every time I break the rules, the game is less enjoyable for the people around me that are playing it. If the staff can give me another chance, I won't take my punishments lightly and I'll try to become a better person in the community.

Although this won't help my case, I've been reporting rulebreakers and I'm starting to become a lot more active on the discord, although I could've done it sooner.

I hope you all understand and have a good day!
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