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  1. patillian

    Sourcemod anti cheat

    From here
  2. patillian

    Sourcebans logo

    If you're referring to this image I have no idea.
  3. patillian

    Report on jailbreak server 4

    User will be punished if we see them in-game. You report quite often, which is good, but we cannot guard ban while they are not in the server. I suggest using our Discord server which is much more convenient for everyone.
  4. patillian

    Report on jailbreak server 3

    User has been punished. Thank you for reporting.
  5. patillian

    guardban appeal

    Appeal Declined
  6. patillian

    i was falsely banned

    Considering you connected from the exact same IP as the other "FARTMAN69" accounts, I find it very hard to believe that you are not an alt account. All of these accounts connected from the same IP and same name, "FARTMAN69." They also share the same IP as a known player named RacingPig. The...
  7. patillian

    Lynical's application

    Your activity isn't really the best. You have only 5 hours beyond the playtime requirement to apply. I think I've only played with you three times and for a small amount of time. You also have few sessions on record, we don't need another inactive staff member. Your Discord activity is almost...
  8. patillian

    !rtd (lr)

    An RTD LR would be a good idea but, our developer would have to make an option on the menu that would enable RTD at the start of that round then disable it when the round finishes. RTD is a glitchy plugin, turning it on and off like that could cause lag and some perks from RTD break some other...
  9. patillian

    Guard ban

    Contact a staff member when you're in-game and one of us will unguardban you. You can contact a staff member in the Discord Appeal Accepted
  10. patillian

    Sword Knights

    Yes, welcome sir Sword Knights.
  11. patillian

    Invalid Answer me

    Yes 3D, you can. Make a legitimate appeal using the format as well. Considering your track record though, I don't think that'll go well. You can find the format/template --> Here Appeal Closed
  12. patillian

    Illegals First Application

    Hey Illegal, I don't mind your chat logs, you're a chill dude, your activity is good, and you report when it's needed. The only flaw for me is your Discord activity. I suggest working on that and getting to know the members of the community better. You can always work on that while this...
  13. patillian

    Jajakid's Fourth Application

    Hey Jaja, You've definitely matured greatly from when I first met you and you are very active. I just feel like you should've waited longer before re-applying. The guard bans and your chat logs don't really matter to me to be honest, but I just can't see you as a staff member yet. You're a...
  14. patillian

    Invalid Vibeprounder999 application

    Not a serious application. Application Declined
  15. patillian

    My Admin Application

    Well, I've received your reasoning for your break. Now that I've gotten an explanation, I can make my judgement. Despite your reasoning, it is still a large break. You just came back from the break, played 3 days, and applied for staff. Your chat logs are a tad immature but nothing that can't...
  16. patillian

    My Admin Application

    Hey Synthwave. I used to play with you back in April then noticed how you stopped playing at the beginning of May, then I saw you playing a few days ago. If you could explain why you took this over 3-month break, it will decide my vote. Your 9 most recent sessions
  17. patillian

    patillian's Application - Part Two

    Thank you for giving me another chance. I've learned from my mistakes. I've seen what not to do and if I need help, I know to ask. Thank you for the +1.
  18. patillian

    Never said i was here forgot

    Yes, hello Vibeprounder. Welcome to forums.
  19. patillian