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  1. Lynical

    Prince phillip dead at 99

    rip to my homie
  2. Lynical

    Declined Jajakid's Sixth Application

    Alright Jaja I'm just gonna talk about my part, because I have no business in Blackberry's part. In the past I had no problem with you, you might think this to be a lie but it really isn't. I just thought you were the meme of wonder at the time and I kind of just played along. This could've led...
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  4. Lynical

    Declined Jajakid's Sixth Application

    Hello jaja I don't really know what you expect from an app 2 days after your demotion. If this was made with a lot of time in between. I would literally give you a +1, but now i'm gonna have to give a -1 You already know my feelings towards this app, but I will say it again. I never intended...
  5. Lynical

    Accepted Permaban appeal

    Hello chikn You said you would swat/doxx someone twice. I was there both of the times you said this to someone. First time, I thought i could give you a chance but when I asked my higher ups what i should do. They said that the "joke" is quite serious and he should be banned from both discord...
  6. Lynical

    Declined Caval's Application

    Hey caval seeing as other staff don't think that you are fit to be a staff member yet. I will take their word for it. Personally I haven't had too many problems with you in jb. But yeah my vote will be -1. Good luck for the next time tho ;) (if there will be one)
  7. Lynical

    wow I haven't made on of these yet

    -1 Same as other staff..
  8. Lynical

    Accepted Darius' Application

    Hey Darius, Il'll be short and sweet here. You have been in the community for a way longer time than me and like pat said. You have made the community a lot more active and fun. The N word usage is a very sensitive topic nowadays but if you say you grew up with that language, I won't hold...
  9. Lynical

    Accepted guardban that i dont know much about

    You have been guardbanned because you do not have a microphone. If you do have a microphone, submit a voice recording here. Then post it in your appeal.
  10. Lynical

    Declined Hollowkun's Second Application!

    Everything has been said by other staff already. Don't think I need to add anything else to it. -1
  11. Lynical

    Accepted PLaneboy's second app :)

    Edit: After our little interview. You sound like a nice guy, didn't really have a problem with you. And you have pretty good rule knownledge. You sound mature enough so I don't see why you couldn't become staff. Again I didn't feel like just putting "same as other staff" *ahem* because I...
  12. Lynical

    Accepted PLaneboy's second app :)

    Hello planeboy I don't really know you all that well and I don't just wanna say "agree with other staff" because I can't confirm nor deny anything they said. I'll be voting Neutral because I don't feel comfortable giving you a +1 or a -1. There is nothing negative about your app, but nothing...
  13. Lynical

    Declined My 2nd Application

    Edit: -1 You are not really active anymore, your last connect was a week ago. And again, you really should be more devoted to the community. Get you hours up, and staff could be a possibilty. Good luck!
  14. Lynical

    Declined My application for admin :)

    All things has been said by other staff. My vote: -1
  15. Lynical

    Declined Teambanned from guard.

    You killed mulitple people on blue, you didn't just hit them once or twice. It was hunger games and you killed guards while you yourself were a guard.
  16. Lynical

    Closed Setting the record straight about this 1 day webban

    First of all. I changed my name before joining so nobody could see a staff member is in the game. And I DID deal with rumeno because someone reported him privately to me. I guardbanned and muted him. I can even give you proof of the amount of people that I muted and gagged. When people...
  17. Lynical

    Closed Setting the record straight about this 1 day webban

    Well, i was on for a pretty long time... I saw everything. You turned on ff multiple times to try and kill bad prodigy even though he was NOT freekilling at all. It was hide and seek and he was doing what he was supposed to. And even if you were talking about another day, i was there for a long...