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  1. _planeboy

    Hola, saludos de Puerto Rico

    guten tag
  2. _planeboy

    Declined Jajakid's Sixth Application

    Ayy wussgood pimp, so ima make this reply short and simple because there's literally nothing new for me to say, everything that has been said has already been said, so heres my take. You were, to me, a good mod, you knew the rules and to me u was fair in enforcing the rules, and i would return...
  3. _planeboy

    thinking about cheese rn

    thinking about cheese rn
  4. _planeboy

    i wanna be the first man to get top in space and post it online no cap

    i wanna be the first man to get top in space and post it online no cap
  5. _planeboy

    Accepted Darius' Application

    +1 You are a good friend, which makes u in my own opinion staff worthy material. I honestly believe u are staff material, u are friendly, nice, and most of all you know your shit, I believe u would be a good staff member, not only does a lot of people from the community know and respect you...
  6. _planeboy

    Declined Part 2

    Too tired to form my own opinion rn so ima just agree with Pat -1
  7. _planeboy


    welcome ian, may your stay be long and far enjoyable and become a good memory for all time
  8. _planeboy

    Accepted PLaneboy's second app :)

    preciate it bro, im glad u told me to apply lol
  9. _planeboy

    Accepted PLaneboy's second app :)

    pre preciate it homie, and u bet i wont
  10. _planeboy

    Accepted PLaneboy's second app :)

    preciate it homie
  11. _planeboy

    Accepted PLaneboy's second app :)

    preciate it homie :)
  12. _planeboy

    Accepted PLaneboy's second app :)

    holy shit man. cheers bro, much love
  13. _planeboy

    Accepted PLaneboy's second app :)

    A few things before i do my app. 1. i will address all criticisms from my last app before i get to my actual app and 2. i will literally just copy and paste my old app for everything in that app still stands today. Firstly, Blackberry did say a couple of things, although neutral, he stated...
  14. _planeboy

    Hunger Games Hunger Games II: Caval's Jungle Book

    i volunteer as tribute
  15. _planeboy

    Declined Planeboy's Mod application

    thanks for your vote and time
  16. _planeboy

    Declined Planeboy's Mod application

    thanks pat, honestly i wanna thank you for betting me 10k to apply even as a joke, and thanks to that joke i actually have hope that i too one day can become a mod like ya'll, so thanks pat :)
  17. _planeboy

    Declined Planeboy's Mod application

    honestly this is the best thing someone has said about me online, thank you for that, but for the material inside of it i also wanna thank you for that and you bet ima work on everything you said, but other than that thank you for telling me what i need to work on :)