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    Feeling like a giveaway

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    Declined Part 2

    How about the others?
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    Declined Part 2

    HEHEHEHE why do you need to remember my freekill videos?
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    Declined Part 2

    Whatever you say I will improve myself.
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    Declined Part 2

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    Declined Part 2

    General Information Username:Dark lord Discord:Lanko D#4828 Age:14 GameME: SteamID:STEAM_0:1:572252498 Tmezone & Online Times:GMT+7 Asia,Bangkok 17:30PM. - 23:00PM. Questions Why are you applying?:Because I like this server and sometimes I invite my...
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    Closed Change name in the forum.

    You can change your name in the forum.
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    Monke has a virus.
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    Ray from 2019 wonder

    [SourceSleuth]Duplicate account
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    Invalid Lanko D

    1.USERNAME:LANKO D 2.Discord including tag:Kuekoon Buapean#4828 3.Age:14 4.gameME: 5.SteanID:STEAM_0:1:572252498 6.Voice Recording: 7.Timezone & Online Times: Asia/Bangkok(GMT+7),Online Times:17:30 Why are you...
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