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    is water wet?

    nuh uh
  3. patillian

    is water wet?

    To say that something is wet means that the water on the surface of the something can be removed. Therefore, water is not wet. Water makes things wet.
  4. patillian

    the truth

    Everyone is pbone.
  5. patillian

    Anti Spam Chat

    This could be convenient. It would also help with the people who advertise cheats.
  6. patillian

    Add more lr options

    If anyone has anymore ideas, you should submit them here.
  7. patillian

    Closed playtime

    Suggestion Closed
  8. patillian

    the freekill bot thing

    It might’ve been removed since the nuke. I’ve seen people kill all the REDs after a trick order and no “freekiller defected” ever happened. This is a good idea though if it isn’t actually removed yet. It does more cons than pros.
  9. patillian

    New Discord role ideas?

    If this gets support, I could see it happening.
  10. patillian

    dark mode???

    I would genuinely love a dark mode for the forums.
  11. patillian

    An old, dead server had some rules I quite liked

    I agree with these two but disagree with the others.
  12. patillian


    Banned immediately.
  13. patillian

    Dr command

    A death request command would be convenient and fun. There would also be less death request denial.
  14. patillian

    Add a 2fort server

    I agree with having a default TF2 map to play on. It could be fun to play since Casual is filled with bots and aimbotters. It could even have RTV so the server could bounce between different vanilla game modes.
  15. patillian

    Car Day/ Car Day LR

    You can’t force anyone to do the Victory Lap but you can force everyone into a bumpercar for an LR.
  16. patillian

    make a command to check guard ban status

    I honestly feel like this should be added because it’s very convenient and it makes sense.
  17. patillian

    Closed Map rotation

    At the time being, to get the map changed, you must contact an admin. Suggestion Closed
  18. patillian

    Accepted Vip rules

    VIP Rules have been made. Suggestion Accepted
  19. patillian

    Declined Patreon?

    Suggestion Declined
  20. patillian

    Declined Why no +use

    Suggestion Declined