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  1. illegal

    Pending My application for admin :)

    Same as other staff, nothing to add. -1
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    Hunger Games II: Caval's Love

    I hate the UK.
  3. illegal

    Wonder Hunger Games

  4. illegal

    Pending My 2nd Application

    Alright, you’re a real chill guy and I don’t see any reasons why you couldn’t be staff, however if you could work on discord activity improvements during your application time I don’t see why you won’t be staff. +1 the discord activity isn’t a issue due to recent events but it would still be...
  5. illegal

    Pending My 2nd App By Bad Prodigy aka 1960's Ford Explorer

    Same as other staff -1
  6. illegal

    Pending My 2nd Application

    Please make your game hours public.
  7. illegal

    Accepted patillian's Application - Part Three

    Hello Mr. Patrick, from our past experience there have been problems but you were the one to tell me to apply. We don't wanna be personal here; you did a great job as staff previously and I'm not going to say who (Rotary) seemed to dislike that you were creating another community and "stealing...
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  9. illegal

    Declined My Discord Ban

    Declined. No matter what you still cause problems on the server.
  10. illegal


    sorry rotary but that's tough.
  11. illegal

    Jacob from texas

    Jacob from texas
  12. illegal

    Resolved Question about agros ban

  13. illegal

    Accepted VelCrow teamkilling and being toxic

    Ill look into it more, they will be punished don't worry thank you for the report, if you want a faster way to report please join the discord server Closed.
  14. illegal

    Declined Ban Appeal

    Declined. We don't tolerate cheaters.
  15. illegal

    Declined Guard Ban

    You were smited last night for free hitting twice, wait out the ban and stop free hitting. the ban has expire but if you're caught doing it again the time will just go up.
  16. illegal

    Declined Piwu's Application

    -1 same as other staff.
  17. illegal

    Resolved theres an admin abusing their powers

    It was a custom LR by myself and everyone was having fun but you, my spray is not NSFW and I cant even make people small as a moderator, its a LR called Small day. Im also a guy not a female.
  18. illegal

    Declined Banned from Jb la

    You were warned multiple times, I said it in the admin announcement chat and you didn’t change it, I came back a few hours later and your name was different but still had the color change in it, you were also using it in chat. You weren’t the only one banned for this Declined.
  19. illegal

    Fix soldier

    maybe get better at the game.
  20. illegal

    Rule Update Thoughts (3 Suggestions)

    its common knowledge not to talk over a staff member during a mic check, it they persist to do so they get muted its useless to mute the entire team and have to unmute.