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  1. Bald

    Guard ban appeal

    What do you mean by "I have a microphone"? The punishment clearly says force freeday.
  2. Bald

    im new

    F O O D
  3. Bald

    Invalid i wanna get unbanned i wa snew to the game i didnt know what to do

    Invalid You got banned for massfreekilling and disconnecting. Follow the format next time you appeal.
  4. Bald

    !tp dont work and i gent baned for that

    You got perma banned for the same reason in wonderland. Stop lying
  5. Bald


    Declined Be more serious next time
  6. Bald

    Broke 3 rules

    The video just shows illegal FF. Player will be punished only for that
  7. Bald

    How do i change my name on the forum?

    You can't
  8. Bald

    Invalid I got perm ban please help

    Invalid Another appeal is currently on. Also you have incorrectly followed the format.
  9. Bald

    I got perm ban Follow it next time you appeal
  10. Bald

    I got perm ban

    Doesn't matter
  11. Bald

    I got perm ban

    You could at least follow the appeal format
  12. Bald

    Pilot's 3rd on time application

  13. Bald

    Pilot's 3rd on time application

    I don't know if you speak English, but you don't have 2 days of playtime for applying. This is your current playtime: Make it to 2 days and you can apply for staff. Also you better be active in Discord, because activity is required in there too. I'll give you 2 weeks time to complete this...
  14. Bald

    M1ki's first staff application

    -1 You are an active member and that's good, but I have to agree with the other staff members about you being immature. From the first time I have met you I have already understood that you weren't a patient guy. I suppose that all these infractions and not clean chat logs are caused by your...
  15. Bald

    Pilot's Staff Application.

    Declined You have failed to meet 1 requirement. You still have to gain 48 hours on our servers. (You have to fullfil all the requirements before applying and not during your pending application)
  16. Bald

    staff template/rules suggestion

  17. Bald

    im new here

  18. Bald

    Smelly's 2nd Apply

    Declined You have failed to meet 3 or 4 requirements: • No GameMe profile has been put in your application; • You don't have a fully public Steam profile; • Your playtime on our servers is less than 48 hours; • As you said, you may not have enough hours on TF2; Also your app is just copy and...
  19. Bald

    Wizzer`s Staff application :)

    Declined You have failed to meet one requirement. You are permanently banned on our Discord and forums.
  20. Bald


    Accepted The punisher didn't provide any proof of you hacking. You will be unbanned.